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Gulf Oil Spill: New Xbox 360 Game For Crisis

The oil is still spewing out from the broken pipe in the Gulf of Mexico and there have been many a time when we have all thought how we could solve the problem. There could be a way, but only in the world of gaming, as developers have come up with a game to help you stop the oil from flowing.

According to MSNBC, the Xbox 360 game by developers Super Boise gives you the chance to shot blobs of oil from the waters covered in oil. This is not the only game with the same theme; Crisis in the Gulf is another. The player has to try and stop oil escaping – just wish it were this easy in real life.

Crisis in the Gulf is available on Xbox Live and will cost just 80 points – or $1. However, if you can always download a free demo of the game before you want to part with your whole dollar.

Bailout: The Golden Parachute is another; this game is different as it is not action packed; instead offering you factoids about the current oil spill crisis. It is no secret that this is a disaster, we just wonder why it is taking so long for BP to solve?


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