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Google ITA Acquisition: New flight-search tools

Google has now agreed to acquire ITA Software Inc.; the flight-data provider has cost the search engine giant $700 million. This latest acquisition is seen as a great investment for Google as it will allow them to offer new flight-search tools. There is thought to be some final adjustment before the deal can go ahead.

Brian Womack from BusinessWeek explains that Google will now be able to compete with Microsoft Corp. when it comes to travel-search features. Online travel is big business in the U.S. this was evident last year when it generated $88.4 billion – It is no secret why Google wants in on this market.

We all know how popular Google is compared to Bing – with five times more searches going through, to have travel-search features will certainly be a welcome feature to the worlds biggest search engine.

Google knows how much users like the travel-related features on Bing – so would like to replicate that or offer something better. This latest acquisition should be half the battle won.



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