Wellpoint Glitch: Online Security Breach

WellPoint, the health insurer had to contact 470,000 of its customers due to a glitch in their online system. It is said that this security breach could have made available personal details such as credit card information, medical records and other personal particulars

Las Vegas Sun writes that the insurer said that the cause of the problem transpired because of an online program used to track a current application – that’s according to AP. However, the glitch was fixed back in March.

Cynthia Sanders, a spokeswoman for WellPoint said that they had contacted their customers and tried to alleviate their fears that this incident was handled swiftly and that tougher security measures are now in place. The problem only came to light when a customer found that she could gain access to personal customer information on the website.

As a goodwill gesture WellPoint said that they would offer free credit monitoring for one-year.



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