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Verizon iPhone January 2011: Focus on sales

Over the last week we have heard a lot of iPhone news mainly focused around the current problems the device is having, but today “iPhone World” has been about a possible Verizon iPhone 4 release date.

Heard it all before – we could understand if you feel this way, and yes we have heard just about everything possible with an Verizon iPhone release. This rumor comes direct from Bloomberg; they say “two people familiar with the plans” have leaked this information to them.

If this news becomes reality next year, RIM will have to combat the iPhone launch on Verizon, and the Blackberry maker is already having problems with its share price today, likely thanks to the Verizon rumor.

We would like to focus on a Verizon iPhone in January 2011, and the possible sales. Apple has seen over 50 million iPhones sold since 2007, and it could be seen as saturating the market, with another network in the U.S. needed.

With the introduction of a Verizon iPhone 4 in January 2011, analysts see the device increasing from 11m units sold in 2010, to over 15m in 2011.

If Apple wants to increase units sold per year, it seems that Verizon Wireless is a key component in this plan. Head over to Bloomberg for information on iPhone gains, AT&T profit, and more on BlackBerry and Android’s position.

Verizon is likely to unveil more 4G devices during the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), this will be in January. What are you expectations?


  • English Teacher

    "an Verizon iPhone release." This is improper usage; the 'V' in "Verizon" is not a vowel.

  • What greater of a combination Apple Iphone 4 on Verizons LTE network. The LTE network is being constucted as we speak and should be fully operational covering all major cities by 4TH Quarter 2010. Vodaphone( Verizon's Mother Company) has been using the Iphone since second quarter 2009 were At&T's exclusive contract does not extend. Talks of a smaller CDMA version has been discussed, but I don't think Steve Jobbs has interests in out dated tech. Most talks are of a CDMA version, but Verizon will need 4G capable handsets to sell their LTE service when it is open for service later this year. LTE testers say it is fast enouph to put your cable provider out of buisness, we will have to see.. Jerry W.


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