Tesla Motors IPO: Bleak Outlook

By Peter Chubb - Jun 30, 2010

The idea of clean car technology hitting off soon is false, so you people should not be swept up by all the hype that surrounds it. The news that Tesla Motors has an IPO is the latest automaker trying to sell to investors this clean tech, but its future looks bleak.

Heidi N. Moore, contributor from Wall Street Blog believes that Tesla gives us false promises, but this did not stop its first day as an IPO from being a success. TSLA shares were estimated at $14 to $16, but they opened at $17. They went up and down throughout the days and settled at $19 – today is thought to be pretty much the same but we cannot see this same pattern carry on

There is no denying that the Tesla Roadster and sports are great cars, but paying more than $100,000 seems a lot for what you get. We wonder this is just another fad considering a few Hollywood stars have one.

Moore believes that this clean technology is still in its infancy and not ready for primetime. Let me clarify on this, yes the tech is there to be had for consumers to enjoy but as investments go – investors will not want to commit to such tech for the long term.

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