Terrafugia Transition: Flying Car Photo and Video Gallery

If we were to ask you what the Terrafugia Transition was – we are certain that you would not have clue. Well this is the “world’s first flying car,” and it is legal to fly in the sky after being granted permission by the FAA, which you can read about in more detail in a previous post by Daniel.

The two creators of the vehicle has been nicknamed the “roadable aircraft” by its creators as it can drive on different surfaces and then unfold its wings and take to the sky. Those of you who would like to see this little car / aircraft in action then you had best head over to Terrafugia website where they have a host of videos and photos.

The first video is of the aircraft driving around and then speeding along a runway and taking flight, the Terrafugia Transition did not get high, but it was more about it actually getting off the ground. Some of the other videos show the car come aircraft much higher in the sky – it is certainly a strange sight.

The range of photos ready for you to start viewing shows how easily you can fit the Terrafugia Transition into a garage, driving down the road or taking its first flight. For videos click here and for photos visit here.



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