PS3 PlayStation Plus: Pros and Cons

By Peter Chubb - Jun 30, 2010

Sony released its PS3 firmware update 3.40 and with it PlayStation Plus, but people have been asking if the yearly $50 subscription is worth it. The update also brought with it the ability to upload photos to Facebook and videos to YouTube, making it one of the most feature rich apps yet.

PS3 users have now had a day with the latest firmware update with PlayStation Plus – well most of us as some have experienced download problems. IGN has sat down with a few of its team to discuss the pros and cons of the update.

Colin Moriarty has said that he has already got back more than half his $50 in one game download alone, and that was just in the first night of signing up to PlayStation Plus. If you live your life around PSN, then you will know that this is a good deal.

The idea of getting free games each month is certainly a nice idea, but to keep access to them you need to keep up with your subscription. The moment you stop paying you will lose all the games – Greg Miller does not have a problem with this, as this is just how Netfilx works.

To give you an idea on just how good a deal PlayStation Plus is, WipEout is normally $20, but it is free for those who sign up that’s just one game. So say you get a free $20 game each month, then that would cost you $240 per year, so the $50 fee does not seem that high after all.

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  • khris

    playstation plus is kind of cool but when you think about it, its just a ripoff. $50 for some useless junk while psn regular is free and you get everything you really need: multiplayer, trophies ,home and just a general sense of community.

  • boochyrayray

    so psn has been out for quite some time (or at least long enough for them to address any issues with their product). I signed up for only three months, just long enough to get my feet wet and so far i am not happy with the service plus is offering. I have recieved discounts but they were for titles that harldy anyone plays. Hulu was mentioned as a TRAIL!!!! If I wanted full acess to hulu then i would have to cough up another 9.99 a month. I think psn shoud try to give the buyer something worth spending for. I hate to compare but XBL is a great example. They offer silver membership however, if you upgrade to gold then there is a WORLD OF REWARDS offered to you. Psn offers users just about everything they want so there really is no need to sign up for a 50.00 annual rip off.

    • Megan

      Did you watch Hulu on the ps+ at all. We were thinking of signing up for a membership just to have access to those shows on our TV but I am concerned about the quality of it.

  • nycinoc

    Just signed up for the full $50. over the July 4th weekend. For some reason, I thought that by siging up you'd get Hulu and life would be good to go.

    Should have done more reading since I haven't used it since

  • MrBushido

    Hi folks,
    i have updated my console and when i wanted to make PS plus subscription i found that the annual fees were 64$ not 50$. is there is something wrong with my console

    Thank you

  • guest

    if they make us start paying for multiplayer, my ps3 is going in the trash

  • okey

    PSN plus just started ppl. they need time and feed back from ppl to enhance and shape it for the betterment of the users as time goes on there will be more content, am sure that many more games and features will come on board,getting 20 bucks of a game is nice but just like every other retailer they, all sizes wont fit all.

  • I'm excited about PLUS and glad there doing it, but right now its just seems like pandering sort of useless content for money.

  • Im excited and glad there doing it but right now its just seems like pandering sort of useless content for money.

    What I d like to see……

    -Netflix DASHboard
    -Real PS3 games for purchase for Discount (ya know the ones that come out at $59.99)
    -Movie Discounts
    -Demos (there are none as of right now)
    -Beta's (there are none as of right now)
    -Deeper discounts and way more selections
    -Ps2 games
    -Cross chat
    -ESPN Broadcast (like XBOX, free with Live)

    Right now its just pandering of some cheap uninteresting content that doesn't improve the over all experience.. I will likely still sign up eventually but ill wait till something gets me interested.

  • What I don't like about it…

    The discounts aren't very good ($9.99 down to $7.99..some are $2.99, but who wants them??)and are still more costly than say Apple Store games. (NOt like your getting MGS4 at a discount or something, this is just mini stuff)

    You can play for free and hour of a very old game so far and there is just one..Infamous, I think everyone is done with that game.

    There are zero new Demos or Beta's to play..

    I am not interested in getting free access to NOT Very good games, my kids don't like the old PS1 games because of the poor save features and always have to end up starting over..

    No movie discounts.

    No PS3 games to play, I mean the real stuff like Xbox LIVe sells the real titles.

    So for $50, your getting content you don't care about or want in the first place, discounts that aren't any good..Its not across the board either,, its what they decide,, It not like you get to go to a list of PS1, PS2 or PS3 games and get a discount across the board and pick what you want..

    Would have been nice to not have had to put my NETFLIX disk in each time like XBOX does , being a PLAYSTATION plus member.

    • Your an idiot.

      You don't have to put the Netflix disc in.. It's an app you download…… fool.

      • Michael

        I think someone else is the idiot. When ambulocetus wrote that 37 weeks ago a disk was required to use Netflix. An update PS3 since then has eliminated the need for a disk.

  • Dave

    Well ofcourse that depends on if you want the game in the first place. I don't like Wipeout and don't want it. I think Sony will jack the RRP on their PSN games so to 'add value' to the discounts to PS+. Normal users gonna get shafted in the process.