Olympus E-330 Cancer Detection System

The Olympus E-330 digital has been on the market for some time now, but who would have thought that it would be used as a cancer detection system? Well that is just what it is and is thanks to some skilful work from a university in Texas. Doctors are now able to use the E-330 and its LCD display to help make a distinction between healthy cells and cancerous ones.

The team behind the discovery took the Olympus E-330 camera and with the use of a few fiber-optic cables managed to focus in on tissues. They then had to use a dye to allow cells to glow when the light from the fiber-optic cable shined on them. According to Jade Boyd from Rice University, cancerous cells were distorted compared to healthy cells.

Professor Richards-Kortum said that software could be written to make it easier for non-pathologists to distinguish what are good cells and what are bad – hopefully saving lives, time and money. This new system would also be ideal for keeping track of how well cancer patients are responding to treatment.

As this system is en-expensive it would be ideal for use in countries where they do not have the proper facilities, and where money is a major factor.



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