iPhone 4 Problems Really? Best Reception Yet

By Peter Chubb - Jun 30, 2010

Representatives who work for AppleCare have been given a strict message to deliver to unhappy iPhone 4 customers coming in to complain about the signal problems caused by its external antenna. BGR managed to come across the leaked document that contains this blunt message.

Apple has told these reps to inform disgruntled iPhone 4 owners that the handset offers the best reception yet and that any issue with loss of signal is a fact of life. For those hoping to visit an Apple store to repair the problem, you will be shocked to learn that Apple has told them not to do so.

Jolie O’Dell from Mashable explains that Apple knows that they have a huge issue, but they still insist on telling us that we are still holding it wrong. O’Dell points out that these leaked email documents are the same statements that CEO Steve Jobs would say.

This is not good and shows that Apple has no care for its customers, they know that there is a flaw but do not seem to want to fix it – for the moment anyway. For those who have not been able to duplicate the problem like we did, then read our hands-on of this happening.

What do you think Apple should do about this problem?

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  • jeff

    every body worried about the reception thier phone has or doesn't have but at the end of the day if the reception is lowered when you put yourfinger near the antenna, imagine what happens when you have the phone near your head for a 10 minute conversation! The electrical transmitions can be enormous!

  • sophiemith

    Well, the problem exist also in iPhone 3G/3GS, and I agree to buy a nice case to improve the antenna problem, the cases in the market like dsstyles' case may be a good choice.

  • Yeah this is just p***-poor design. I so wanted to keep this phone but returned it and went back to my 3GS which surprisingly works totally fine. No bad reception, No bad proximity sensor, yadda yadda yadda. Sorry Mr. Jobs, but with my 3GS these issues are, ahem, NON-ISSUES.

  • revox

    I honestly don't think the antenna issue is much of a problem at all. Who doesn't put a case on their (expensive) shiny new iPhone? I've put a case on every single phone I've ever owned, and the iPhone 4 won't be any different. A case = no reception problems.

    The complainers should switch to Android and shut up already. I'm pretty sure you have 30 days to get a refund — take advantage of that return policy.

  • Jeff B

    Mr. aaa

    Thank you for sharing. But if I am not mistaken (please correct me if I am wrong Mr. Chubb) this is a Consumer Product Review site intended to help us (as you so eloquently put it) ” knuckle dragging lazzy Apple customers ” make informed decisions. So if you would be so kind as to elaborate on the “knuckel draging” implications that would help me better understand your point of reference. I hope that was not a racial slur implying a color of skin. Furthermore if you have nothing helpfull to say, I suggest you keep your feble and juvenile character assasinations to your self Sir. Best of luck to you Mr. aaa

  • aaa

    It shows that even Steve Jobs hates the knuckle dragging lazy Apple customers.

  • Jeff B

    Also AT&T via apple, jipped customers that had bought a 3G s within 30 days of the announcment out of the free promised upgrade to the new phone. They failed to mention that this offer would only be available to people with credit cards. Even when offered cash for the full price of the new phones. Bad bad business. Even worse is the customer service. As the paradigm of cell phone technology constantly changes, It makes me wonder what Apple & AT&T share holders will think of their investment in these companies that care not about quality. Even small business owners like my self know that is allways more cost effective. Poor planning on release. Poor managment. Poor leadership. Wow… No accountability… No consideration… Not a care in the world from 2 companies that have could handeled this situation in a better and more professional manner… Their parrents and families must be so proud of them.