Google Me: New Competition for Facebook?

It is no secret that Google wants in on the whole social media market, they tried with Google Buzz but things have not worked out like they had hoped. However, this has not deterred the search engine goliath and there are fresh rumors of a new service called Google Me. Kevin Rose, the founder of Digg was the first to report this.

Rose started the whole Google Me rumors off when he mentioned late Saturday evening that Google were to offer a new service – one that will compete with Facebook. We do not think that Facebook is too worried, but they should be if Google uses its might and its knowhow to launch a perfect social media service.

Both Google and the social networking giant has refused to comment, but there has to be some truth to the rumor – it would be unwise for us to assume that Google would allow Facebook to have all the glory.

According to Jeremy A. Kaplan from Fox News Google already have a number of components already in place – such as Google Profiles, Buzz and Latitude. Do you think that if Google Me were real would it be able to compete with Facebook?



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