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Apple: DON’T promise a free bumper to iPhone 4 customers

If you have not heard about the iPhone 4 signal problems, then you must have been trekking up some mountain since Apple’s latest release. The reception problems are real, and they can be fixed in many ways, including Scotch tape, and an iOS4 update.

Apple bumpers are one of the quickest ways to fix your iPhone 4 signal problems, but these retail at $29.00. The call for free bumpers for iPhone 4 owners have been made, but this is not going to happen.

According to cnet, there will be “No free bumpers for iPhone users”. In their article, Boy Genius Report has had a leaked list of AppleCare procedures. The point that stood out to us was number five, which is rumored to say “DON’T promise a free bumper to customers”.

If true, how does this make you feel? We are sure Apple will fix this issue as fast as they can, but this does not help users in the meantime. Apple’s support department will be given training on the current iPhone 4 problems, but if we are told that gripping the phone a common way will reduce its reception. Why should this cause us a problem more now than before?

How do you feel about the iPhone 4 problems? Have you phoned Apple Care?



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