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2010 Flying Car Video: Terrafugia Transition

Its not everyday we hear about a Flying Car, in fact this is the first for 2010. The Register reports about an FAA decision, which lets Terrafugia Transition get a weight exemption for airbags, and more.

This flying car is revolutionary, and while the airbags are no good in the air, they are important for road safety. The flying car is 110 pounds heavier than normal small planes, although Terrafugia were very happy to get the light sports aircraft classification.

Below this post you can see a 3-minute video, which shows the Transition in action with its 115 mph cruising speed, and folding wings. This may not be anything like the flying cars we could see in the future, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Could you imagine going to a car showroom and buying a flying car? Then choosing to drive or fly from the showroom, a gadget lovers dream. Watch the video below, or read more on The Register.

This is not a pipe dream; it’s reported that Terrafugia hope to commence deliveries in Q4 2011 with a price of $194,000.


  • chris

    will you need a pilots license to drive the transition


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