Verizon Email Outage: Twitter and Central for Webmail

By Alan Ng - Jun 29, 2010

We have some disappointing news for customers on Verizon now, as it appears as if the carrier’s home webmail service is completely down – with the outage disabling the login process to email features.

Worst yet for Verizon customers, it looks as if the carrier has yet to post any updates regarding the outage, meaning that users have no indication as to when the service will be available again.

I’ve had a quick check on Verizon’s official Twitter page and there is no sign of Verizon acknowledging the outage. Luckily for you, you can keep checking the latest updates on Twitter from other users at this page.

You would think that Verizon would at least let their customers know that they are working on a quick fix to the problem. We’ll update you when we know more.

In the meantime, let us know your location details and if your email is still affected or not.

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  • Dsevans2

    I have had problems for the last week.  One on line chat service and one telephone call had no results. .  Even after taking control of my computer. The last tech wanted to refer me to their specialist which would cost me money.  Needless to say I did not accept the offer.  The next day a miracle happened and all my e-mail came in.  Today it is back off again.

  • KPF

    My BlackBerry storm verizon email has been down since Saturday May 14th. I called customer service, was told it was a server issue and would be fixed in 12-24 hours.

  • Francis Duwana

    Sending and Receiving emails through Outlook Express

  • John

    Verizon email down in Philadelphia, though net working. Appears to have been since about 1:00 p.m. on Friday. No webmail, no direct email via Outlook. Last email update was at about 1:00. Server hangs, then kicks me off. Webmail just hangs. No status listed on Verizon's website.

  • JAJ

    Have been down in Central VA since August 12th. Have had 4 techies doing everything they can to get me back on line and the last one finally said they did not know when my email would be up and running. Called Billing and they adjusted the entire bill for August, there seemed to be no hesitation in them doing this -seamless.

    August 18th — Verizon email up to read only before noon, Yahoo account still down.

    August 18th (3:00pm) – both accounts fully functional.

  • frank

    down in northern nj

  • gene

    intermittently unable to connect to email in St. Pete FL since July 2010.

    No help from tech support line. Sometimes they tell me they are having server problems. Most people reached on the phone are in foreign nations and don't understand English. They read from a list of standard answers.

    VZ email is unreliable. Had I know how bad it was, I would never have signed up for their DSL and changed all my contacts to VS addresses.



    • Rick

      Yes! Getting that old STID Poster tab and then can't connect – over and over. Finally figured out if I go back thru Verizon webmail and click on the link in the intermediate page message, it will guide me to the login and then I'm OK. If I enter the url from the link in the message it won't go – I must go back thru Verizon and click on the link in the message. When I called Frontier tech support they were also surprised to the reason but no clue about the fix. One techy mumbled something about I hadn't been converted yet????? GEEZ!

  • Steve

    Constant "timed out" messages, draft email lost every time. Happens constantly since switch to "upgraded" interface. Terrible – and of course no response from "customer service." Truly abysmal.

  • doris jonas

    verizon web mail has been down for at least a week.
    is this problem connected to the fact, that we are being switched over to frontier????????

    i am not happy with the change over…….

    this comment is from wisconsin

  • Chaz

    I've been without internet in WV since Monday and its Friday. We were with Verizon, and they switched us to Frontier, since then all the problems began. I wouldnt blame Frontier but the customer service reps are totally clueless. I have been on hold for about a total of 5 hours trying to figure out what was going on. Since I dont have internet I couldnt contact them through e-mail. When I call, they have no clue who I am and they dont have my Data transferred over yet. Some people say they can help, others say its not possible. Any idea on when I will have service again

  • Mark East

    Verizon -why don't you make your e-mail service free. That way you can continue say " ITS Voisand ITS BIG—- Nothing but a big problem and it now once a week. I have to reset my blackberry and thee other computers again.
    If your thinking about switching to Verizon you may want to stay where you are at as they are not interested in us regular people. They need to take care of the important commercial accounts they have. WOW this is Big Fios Sucks BIG
    Has anyone been able to speak with anyone or get any answers ?

  • Nancy Protzman

    July 3 – Bronxville, NY — I still don't have e-mail from Outlook, but discovered that I can get into Verizon Central webmail. When will they fix this thing?

  • NavyPAO

    Several hours??? Try several days… I'm near Baltimore. It is July 1st and I STILL do not have email access via outlook or webmail.

  • Nancy Protzman

    It's 9:24 a.m., Thursday, July 1. My e-mail has been down since 3:29 p.m. Monday, June 28,

    • Nancy Protzman

      I'm in Westchester County, NY.

  • Steve

    three nights in a row, Verizon email is down. This is getting very bad!
    Can't wait for Frontier!

  • Joe Pa

    still having problems in northern Virginia as of 7:45 PM eastern daylight savings time on wednesday june 30th. trouble accessing webmail and not receiving any emails to blackberry…

  • Jim

    No service in the Outer Banks, NC since Tuesday afternoon (24 hours). I'm sure that next months invoices will reflect an adjustment for this Verzion service failure.

  • chief wiggum

    mine was down (pittsburgh, pa) monday afternoon and evening, then went down again this morning. i got thru to a "chat support rep" and they informed me they were aware of a problem and their engineers were working on it. when i complained that i pay a lot of money to them monthly and for that expect 24/7 email availably the rep replied "email is entertainment and therefore i cannot credit your account" i went off on him, asked to speak to a supervisor, etc. i've been searching other providers, and unfortunalty cannot better my broadband deal that i have with verizon.

    this isn't the first problem i've had with verizon email, sure it won't be the last

  • Bschade3

    2:52 PM here in Upstate NY and absolutely nothing. I tried to call Verizon and all I get is either hung up on or rerouted to listen to endless crap music as I sit on hold for hours on end. How much do you want to bet we get charged for this time when we don't have service????