Tesla Motors (TSLA) IPO: Stock Price Above Expectations

We mentioned yesterday that Tesla Motors Inc.’s was to float on the stock market; we can now tell you that this has taken place and their name is under TSLA. It had been assumed that their IPO would be higher than expectations – and analysts were right.

Matt Jarzemsky from Dow Jones Newswires has said on WSJ that shares were thought to sell for $14 to $16 each, but the actual initial public offering was $17 per share – with 13.3 million being made available. Tesla now hopes that they will be able to attract investors looking for greener vehicles – although the high price of their vehicles have put customers off, so investors could see this as a bad opportunity.

After TSLA shares go up for offer there will still be 93 million left, these could go up for sale at a later date. Tesla has now been selling its electric Roadster for two years now, but a lack of models has affected sales.

However, we recently reported that the company is to launch a whole new range all based on the same platform as the Roadster. Once they can do this then we should see healthy sales of the all-electric vehicles.



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