Salmon Flavored Vodka: Growing Demand

Gone are the days when there was just one flavor of Vodka, we now have a choice of numerous flavors. The first were the choice of fruit flavors, then came one with bacon in it – now we have one flavored with salmon. We have to wonder what will be next?

The new salmon flavored vodka is the work of the Alaska Distillery in Wasilla, but we have to wonder if they were drunk when coming up with this latest taste. Maybe it has something to do with the abundance of Salmon in the Alaskan waters? You certainly have to be committed to the taste of salmon if you want to try this drink, but maybe the alcohol will take the fishy taste away?

AP reports that the mixologists who came up with the concoction said that it was easy thinking up the idea, the hard part was in finding the perfect formula. The end product took 48 tries the first 47 were revolting. However, I do not drink alcohol so it all tastes disgusting to me.

It is no secret that Vodka is the biggest selling sprit in the world, as well as Alaska so finding new flavors is now big business. What flavor of vodka would you like to see next?



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