Red Dead Redemption: Rockstar confirm more DLC – Twitter

By Jamie Pert - Jun 29, 2010

Exactly one week ago Rockstar released the Outlaws to the End DLC for Red Dead Redemption, now thanks to a recent tweet from their official Twitter account it seems as if they could be working on more DLC for RDR.

It all started when a Twitter user called Nathan Leohner (Twitter account here) tweeted “@RockstarGames Is Rockstar working on new DLC for Red Dead Redemption? I love the new online co-op missions”, he probably wasn’t expecting an answer, however 7 hours ago Rockstar Games answered his question.

Rockstar replied with this tweet; “Yup! Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing more new DLC soon RT @TheFinalMan: Is Rockstar working on new DLC for Red Dead Redemption? I love…”

That is the only clue we have regarding the new DLC, however I am sure Rockstar will reveal more details soon, when they do we will be sure to keep you informed.

What do you want from the next Red Dead Redemption DLC?

Source: Twitter

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  • BabyBoo

    im guessing they will either bring out extensions like they did for GTA or they will release a sequel for Red dead, either way, the story line was pretty good for this 1 so id buy either, also.. i heard a rumour that ther gunna add a 4 player co-op zombies mode? dont kno if this is true… but it would be cool! damn all the zombie haters! it gives us choice 🙂

  • Jdot

    They shouldn't concentrate solely on online co-op stuff, a lot of people don't give a **** about playing games online. I want more single-player missions. New characters, maybe Landon Rickets would be a good starting point. Or how about a female character to play as?

    • bishop123

      good idea man more a single player expansion

    • nissangeek

      absolutely. multiplayer is fun, but i spend more time offline. i like the landon rickets idea. maybe play the story of his notorious career. more outfits, guns and accessories. single player missions.

  • Kayol

    What do you want from the next Red Dead Redemption DLC?

    The Strike it Rich and Skin it to Win it Challenges since they are a no show to start.

    There are plenty of multiplayer challenges but not as large of a multiplayer community causing many to have to wait in empty lobbies.

    How about a multiplayer train robbing challenge?