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PS3 Update 3.40 Problems

This morning we reported to you that Sony made its PS3 firmware update 3.40 available for download, and that it also comes with PlayStation Plus. However, things have not been going smoothly for gamers who have already updated their console and have been reporting a number of problems.

Looking on the PlayStation Forums we can see what they mean, some users are not even seeing the download, and others that do get an error saying ‘connection to the server cannot be established’. The problem is not with their Internet connection either, so it has to be with the PSN servers.

One gamer has even gone to the PSN site and tried to download the firmware update 3.40 file to a PC first and then drag the folder over to his PS3. This is certainly a long way of doing things – one that still does not seem to solve this current problem.

We have not heard of any other issues with the latest update, which is a good sign. However, it is still early and we will have to wait for gamers to get home from work to truly test the new update.

Have you been experiencing any problems with Sony PS3 firmware update 3.40?



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