PS3 Update 3.40 Problems

By Peter Chubb - Jun 29, 2010

This morning we reported to you that Sony made its PS3 firmware update 3.40 available for download, and that it also comes with PlayStation Plus. However, things have not been going smoothly for gamers who have already updated their console and have been reporting a number of problems.

Looking on the PlayStation Forums we can see what they mean, some users are not even seeing the download, and others that do get an error saying ‘connection to the server cannot be established’. The problem is not with their Internet connection either, so it has to be with the PSN servers.

One gamer has even gone to the PSN site and tried to download the firmware update 3.40 file to a PC first and then drag the folder over to his PS3. This is certainly a long way of doing things – one that still does not seem to solve this current problem.

We have not heard of any other issues with the latest update, which is a good sign. However, it is still early and we will have to wait for gamers to get home from work to truly test the new update.

Have you been experiencing any problems with Sony PS3 firmware update 3.40?

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  • megalowboom

    if your ps3 wont finish the update make sure all usb ports and memory card slots are empty if any things pluged in hardware can interfear with the software update hope this helps people.

  • Lil_Rizo

    cant play online, always saying connection interupted or connection could not be established. WTF!!!

  • henrik

    I can't see my 3D films, but i can play 3D games like motorstorm 3D…… HELP

  • random

    I have already updated my Ps3 with no problem but when I updated mag for ps3 it wont let me play any more.

  • Scott

    I’m having the same problem aswell , only loads 15 to 18% some 1 help????

    • megalowboom

      if your ps wont finish the update make sure all usb ports and memory card slots are empty if any things pluged in hardware can interfear with the software update

  • Caique Fabris

    My PS3 isn't reading the game Afro Samurai ! Is the only game that didn't work…

  • A-P

    I can't even uprgrade to 3.40 (or 3.41). If i try to upgrade it downolads the whole upgrade to the machine (also tried via usb stick to exclude corrupt files). But in the install it just stops at 15-18% and tells something went wrong-shut down and try again.. then it starts to install again and stops at 15-18%. I know how to get out of the loop and go back to v.3.30 and again everything works. But i cant use the psn network or anything that requires me to install v.3.40. Shit.

  • Manuel Reyes

    now I can't even play my games :S

  • donald

    YES!!!!!!! my ps3 keeps freezing ever since i downloaded 3.40 it even frezes for something simple as to send a messege i deleted my inbox some demos and music so dont suggest that. its not heating for crap so its not that its this update crap

  • guest

    i updated and i'am having problems with playing uncharted 2, multiplayer freezes and sound is lost.

    • ercee

      This is bad problem. My DVD wont work either. Today came firmware version 3.41!!!
      Why this fast after 3.40.? Was there something wrong? Sony wont tell, they only kill your consoles, and say it's normal?!?!?! Nothing to do with Update. F**k you sony

  • JC235

    I recently (22 Jul 10 @ approx 22:00) downloaded and installed version 3.40 firmware for my PS3. It was late, so I opted to have the play station shut itself down after the update. The next day (23 Jul 10), when I tried to power up the PS3, it came on for about 3 seconds then shut itself down. It continues to do the same thing and won’t accept a DVD. It just shuts down. It appears to me that the firmware update is causing the problem, as it was fully functional prior to the install. I contacted Sony Customer service and was told that they're not aware of any one else experiencing this problem and If I want it fixed I'd have to send it to them for repaiir all at my expene. I'd be intersted to hear from others that may be experiencing silar problems with 3.40.

  • mark

    every time I play FIFA or assasins creed 2 the ps3 randomly freezes… the only game I can play is CODMW2 without it dying…. this has bee going on since I updated it to 3.40 ive tried formatting the hard drive and restoring the system but nothing seems to work…. help please

  • dawid135

    i download this update and i have error ''A internet connection has occurred (80130128)
    i cant sign in and i dont have internet in my console i works only wired connection not wirelles but if i click on wired its says An ethernet cable not connected but all cables are connected !!
    sony u m fuckers!

  • jack frost

    Hey guys,

    i just created a petition to sony to fix the 3.40 firmware issue.
    i had the same thing happen to me with no fix becoming apparent.

    please visit and sign my petition today!!

    Also, i am new at writing petitions and i may need alittle help. if there is anyone who can help me improve the petition please email me at

    Thanks, and Good Luck! Hopefully we get sony to do something about this.