New Verizon iPhone 4 Release Date: Jan 2011

By Peter Chubb - Jun 29, 2010

Every week we hear a rumor that the new Verizon iPhone 4 is coming, we now have another release date rumor thanks to Bloomberg this time. That date is Jan 2011, but is this just another rumor that we should ignore, or is there more truth to this one?

Earlier this year the WSJ reported that the Verizon iPhone was coming in September and that it would be announced at WWDC 2010, but Apple failed to do so at its keynote. It is no secret that Big Red customers want the iPhone, and we are more than certain that it will happen – although we are uncertain of when.

However, now that we look back at the Wall Street Journal post, it was stated that production would start in September, so a January 2011 release certainly seems about right. This would also give Apple more than enough time to get around the current signal problems.

Nilay Patel from Engadget thinks that if Jan 2011 is the true release date for the Verizon iPhone 4, then they will miss out on all the holiday season buying. As you would imagine Apple has not commented on this, do you believe that there is any truth in this latest rumor?

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  • kim

    the only good thing about at&t is the iphone i will be going yo verizion as soon as they get the i phone!!!!!!!

  • bill

    good by at&t hello verizion

  • Josh

    Verizion is getting the iphone it was on the news

  • Patrick

    Verizon is getting the iphone, think about it. They are carrying their ipads now. It's only a matter of time people.

  • Luke

    blake your right my iphone doesnt have flash nor does my ipad, know why? Steve Jobs went to adobe with html 5, they said no. now html 5 is on the brink of being the leading video service on the internet and Jobs, tells them to cram that $h!t. Same thing with verizon, he went there first they said no, and now they want it. Steve Jobs is just going to tell them to tough $h!t, you didnt want it then we dont want your service now. Blah Blah Blah Ipad is there! Big deal it was made to be unlocked no contract, from the jump. Look steve Jobs is a loyal guy, and a grudge holder. besides what do you verizon people thinks going to happen when you add 10 million iphones to your network? Ill tell you, youll become the new hated network. While att customers get improved speeds, less dropped calls, and better coverage! just switch, year after year we go through this for no reason. Switch or get a droid 2, I hear its got HDMI! OooHHH

  • Justin

    I have the blackberry storm, and it is junk. I keep hearing from everyone that the iphone is coming to verizon in janraury so i am holding off hoping that it does.!

  • blake

    Verizon will never get the iPhone in the near future. we've been predicting it simce the phone came out!!!!!!!!

  • rick

    The only reason to be with AT&T is for the iphone, I think it is a ploy to stay with Verizon.

  • Paul

    I was about 2 minutes from buying an iPhone last week…especially after learning that my Blackberry Storm 2 will NOT receive any additional software for new OS6, atleast not "as is"…Blackberry more or less abandoned the storm 2 support less than a year into it's life….sorry Blackberry…whether it be iPhone…or a Droid model…I think I'm done with you. I prefer my Verizon service , as far as service coverage….don't want to switch to AT&T….but I too may be tempted before too much longer if there isn't some sort of official information available pretty soon.

  • Rachel

    My husband has the Motorola Droid X…I have an iPhone as a company phone….while the Droid X has a REALLY impressive screen & some pretty cool features (apps mostly), it's semi-complicated, & I'm an iPhone fan hands down!! I tend to generally prefer a complicated phone for a couple reasons, keeps me interested & is difficult for other people to do much with. However, the iPhone is the PERFECT mix of entertainment, convenience, and simplicity…

  • Steve

    I don't believe it. AT&T has no reason to let Apple out of their contract, and while Apple certainly has the cash to buy their way out, Jobs is a cash hoarder and I'm not sure he could be convinced to do it. After all, his company is raking in profits already, what's the incentive?

    If the Android phones start to really go crazy 4Q this year, that might make him do it – get in before Android can totally seal up VZW.

    • Gabe

      Apple's contract with AT&T for exclusive rights ends in July 2010. No one will have to buy their way out of any contract.

  • Hopefully

    I am holding out to see if Verizon will get iPhone 4, I don’t think I’ll wait much longer though, unless we get an official announcement. I want it now.

  • kmc

    Or, are these intentional leaks from Verizon to make its customer's not buy the iphone with AT&T? So far, it is working for me, but I might not fall for it much longer!

  • The latest is about it launching on early 2011. Hopefully it would be for real. Verizon iPhone 4 Updates.