Kellogg’s Cereal Recall 2010: List of Cereals Affected

Some worrying news to bring you now, as it has been reported that cereal giant Kellogg’s has had to recall 28 million boxes of their cereal in the U.S, due to unusual smells coming from the packaging boxes of the cereal.

As reported from Examiner, we have a list of cereals which have been affected by the recall. These include Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Froot Loops and Honey Smacks.

According to Kellogg’s, this is a voluntary recall and it comes after around 20 people complained about the ‘wax-like’ smell coming from the boxes, with a few people even vomiting as a result.

Kellogg’s are trying to identify the problem at the moment and will be giving out further information soon. Head to Examiner for a full list of product codes and important dates.

Have you bought any of the cereal listed above? If so, let us know your thoughts on this.


  • Natalie

    Honey Smacks and Apple Jack's are the 2 cereals we always have in our house. We go through a box a week and just bought 2 more on Sunday. I haven't noticed a bad smell and no vomiting but I will definitely have to dispose of the cereal incase my 2 year old has a problem.

  • Tammie

    I have a box of Fruit Loops and a box of Apple Jacks in my house right now. I smelled no wax-like or nauseating smell of any kind. Both of the boxes are more than half empty now so its a little late to throw them away. I'll wait a few weeks before I buy any more Kellogg's cereal, though.


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