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Hurricane Season 2010: iPad App

Hurricane season 2010 is now fast approaching and those who have an iPhone are able to download an app for all the most up-to-date details. Thankfully those with an iPad can now download Hurricane HDicon, and offers much more then the iPhone version does.

The iPad version offers you all the latest hurricane information, more than you will ever need. The app comes with a host of features, such as HD tracking maps that are interactive. You can even look at past hurricane plots from 1851 – ideal if there are none around so you can get information on previous ones.

If there is a current hurricane you can then compare its path to previous storms to see if there is any sort of pattern. Hurricane HDicon allows you to keep track of storms with information gathered by the National Hurricane Center and Central Pacific Hurricane Center.

This app will be useful for those who live in a hurricane hot zone, but also helpful for those who do not live in an area affected by these naturally occurring events. The app costs $3.99, not bad for what you get. Visit iTunes for more information.



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