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HTC EVO 4G Update Problems: Bricking Phones

The new HTC EVO 4G has been proving very well with consumers since it was released, but things have now gone wrong for Sprint since they made an over-the-air update available. The update was thought to fix a few problems but has now created one big one – they have been bricking.

It was first assumed that the problems were due to jailbroken HTC EVO 4G handsets, but MobileCrunch reports that it is also happening on those that have not been touched since leaving the factory. It is not certain what has caused this issue, but as a result, the new update has now been pulled.

Most EVO owners downloaded and installed the new firmware update without an issue, but there are a number of owners who have been affected. Sprint has no idea how widespread the issue is, but it cannot be good.

The worrying thing is, these handset that are affected are now bricked meaning that they are beyond repair. Let us hope that Sprint has a few HTC EVO 4G handsets in stock as replacements.



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