HTC EVO 4G Update Problems: Bricking Phones

By Peter Chubb - Jun 29, 2010

The new HTC EVO 4G has been proving very well with consumers since it was released, but things have now gone wrong for Sprint since they made an over-the-air update available. The update was thought to fix a few problems but has now created one big one – they have been bricking.

It was first assumed that the problems were due to jailbroken HTC EVO 4G handsets, but MobileCrunch reports that it is also happening on those that have not been touched since leaving the factory. It is not certain what has caused this issue, but as a result, the new update has now been pulled.

Most EVO owners downloaded and installed the new firmware update without an issue, but there are a number of owners who have been affected. Sprint has no idea how widespread the issue is, but it cannot be good.

The worrying thing is, these handset that are affected are now bricked meaning that they are beyond repair. Let us hope that Sprint has a few HTC EVO 4G handsets in stock as replacements.

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  • Thomas

    Does any one know how can the firm ware be removed?

  • WRG

    I installed the update once, the phone won't restart and continually power cycles. Images can't be found when hard boot is attempted. The Sprint Store repair tech can't fix it and has ordered a new phone for me.

  • Chris

    So I updated my phone and now there sems to be a problem with the touch screen pressing buttons that are not touched….is anyone else having this issue?

  • Tim

    I returned my phone after it was bricked following the update. My phone was not rooted or hacked in any way. Very dissapointed, but planned on returning anyway due to screen separation issue and some facebook hiccups. Waiting until it becomes available again and will try back later. Cancelled the Sprint account before the 30 days was over and was quite surprised to see that the rep. made virtually no effort to retain my business.

  • mdw

    the new software update for the EVO just fried my phonne where the screen didn't work, it opened up screens that were never touched just by the phone moving, it messed up the screen calibration, etc. If you are asked to update your software this week…don't do it. I am not sure what Sprint and HTC is going to recommend to HTC EVO phone user to do in the future, but I would like to know. I have another HTC EVO that I have declined the s/w update but would like to know what to do as a next step to save the headache of waiting almost 2 hours at a Sprint store to get it replace.

  • joe

    The main culprit for the bricking appears to be the phone not accepting that the update was installed successfully and insisting on installing again. Even when the phone software info showed the latest version their phones would prompt them to install the update again. It's the second install of the update that is bricking 100% of the phones that attempt it.

  • Joseph

    Updated mine yesterday. So far, so good.

  • Quent

    From what I've been hearing, it seems it has something to do with some users inexplicably attempting to apply the update twice, messing with the phone while updating, or the update trying to install itself again if the phone is set to automatically do so. I'm a bit surprised that such scenarios were not foreseen or planned for (sometimes you have to protect users from themselves).

    I manually updated mine and everything went well, so I can't complain. (Also, it's actually a software update, not firmware).

  • Tuck

    Yesterday afternoon the update popped up on my screen and I needed to either install or cancel. There was no other option available. Ironically, I really needed to make a call and hit cancel. A couple of hours later I went to do the process manually and it said there was no update.

    • Joe

      That's because they pulled the update off the servers due to this issue.