Gel and Teeth Regenerate: Technology is first of its kind

The idea of going to a dentist is not an appealing one, so when we first learned of a new gel that could regenerate teeth we could not contain our excitement. The new peptide can be embedded in two ways – gel or a flexible film next to the cavity, and is the first technology of its kind.

It is no secret that filling a cavity is very painful and then going to the dentist just adds to that pain, as this would often lead to root canal. Eric Bland from Discovery News has written an article on MSNBC saying that this new gel to repair teeth is not toothpaste like some suggest.

When you get a cavity it eats away at the protective enamel on the tooth because it is a bacteria – this is made worse when you eat sugary and acidic foods. The gel that we mentioned above contains MSH, which is a sort of peptide and is otherwise known as melanocyte-stimulating hormone.

According to the article MSH can also promote bone regeneration, this could eliminate the need for evasive cleaning under the gum when you have a degenerative bone disease. For more details visit the link above.


  • mike

    can it be injected into to the gums to regenerate bone for denture user who are panning implants-thank you

  • D. Entist

    Believe it when you see it.


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