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Facebook Petition for iPhone 4 Problems

As we know, Apple now knows of the signal problems with their iPhone 4, but we were all shocked when they told us that we were holding it wrong. Steve Jobs showed us how to hold the device correctly – even though he failed to do so at the recent WWDC 2010. Jobs then told us that if we purchased one of their Bumpers then we would no longer see a drop in signal – this has now sparked a Facebook petition for Apple to send them out for free.

According to Gizmodo they have found evidence that the current iPhone 4 issue with its antenna is something that Apple have will have with more of their devices – including the iPad. We have to wonder how this all came about and how come they did not do something about it.

Apple could have done themselves some series damage with this latest problem – even more so if they knew about it and decided to sell their new Bumper case to alleviate the problem. It is no secret that every product that gets launched has its issues, but this is totally different.

If you feel that Apple should give away these Bumpers for free, then you need to sign the Facebook petition now.



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