Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Hardware Sales: Reasons to own a PS3?

By Peter Chubb - Jun 28, 2010

We thought we would take a look at the most recent Xbox 360 and Sony PS3 hardware sales. Weekly sales of the Xbox 360 are now up 91 percent to 163,907 – this has a lot to do with the new model. Sony PlayStation 3 sales are 119,466, which is down by 3 percent.

According to VGChartz, total sales now stand at 40,391,841 for the Xbox 360 and 35,483,791 for the PS3. But do let these figures confuse you into how good the PS3 still is. Tech Spotlight has been looking at 5 reasons to own a PS3 this year.

All five of these are because new games that are coming to the console, the most anticipated being Gran Turismo 5. We have been waiting for this driving sim since the console was released and it now looks like 2010 will be the year.

The next game is LittleBigPlanet 2, when I first saw the original game at a tech event I thought that the game was a little childish – after spending many hours playing it with my cousin, I cannot wait for the second version.

The three other titles that will help PS3 sales include: InFamous 2, Killzone 3 and finally The Last Guardian. For more details on all five games visit the link the link above.

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  • Gman69

    Sorry my bad bungie left halo not microsoft disregard in last post I am smoking crack

  • Gman69

    I know this is late on this post but ps3 just passed xbox in worldwide sales, also I have an xbox and ps3, like both but prefer ps3, Microsoft has already lost Mass effect, talking about losing gears of war, microsoft is no longer with bungie so there goes Halo I think, so that leaves Fable not a giant fan and Forza which I do like, it's very hard for me to play xbox anymore, Playstation has lost zero as far as I know. May not buy an xbox next go around(but I will probably cave in) unless they change things like build quality and exclusives also I detest halo no matter what system it is on graphics are always dated and the enemies are ridiculous and laughable and don't get me started on multiplayer, just a group of guys jumping up and down shooting. I will never own a Wii for multiple reasons!! Not a fanboy of xbox or ps3 just stating the facts to my knowledge anyway and my preferences.

  • jfjkhkv

    PS3:mini space heater XBOX:cooled(my sexy new slim)
    PS3:horid servers XBOX:godmode servers
    PS3:Killzone… XBOX:Halo(3,not reach-thats homo)
    PS3:35m sales XBOX:40m sales

    Ps: poking fun at kinect? when your systems little "move" requires you to handle a dildo to play then i think we all know who wins….RIDGE RACER lololol

    • Philip

      I have all three consoles so dont say I dont know anything.
      PS3- Better material which can handle more heat and small efficient VENT AND FAN.
      XBOX 360- Helicopter fan to keep the cheapass graphic chip from melting causing you to need to turn up volume to drown out the loud whir.
      PS3- PSN servers work fine, on par with Live about now. But hey, they did suck three years ago.
      XBOX 360- Set the standard server. Live not much if any better than the Network.
      PS3- 47.9 million. Xbox-50 million (Keep in mind replacement consoles, as many as 3 or more.)
      ^ exclusive list for all three systems

    • Philip

      Well, id say in terms of fun Ps3 and Xbox are both gaming consoles with exclusives and shared games, but many xbox exclusives are available on the pc as well, but funwise they are basicly equals. However, the ps3 is made of better materials, incorporates BluRay in games and movies, the Network is about equal to Live and its free, so its clearly technologically superior, and as a bonus, the ps3 comes with chargable wireless controller. No batteries. Really, just get a ps3, I have a first Gen model not a slim, and it has not failed on me once. its 4 years old. and its been left on for like hours, once almost three days, and its fine.

    • Philip

      WHen I said "Xbox-50 million (Keep in mind replacement consoles, as many as 3 or more.) " I meant as many as three or more for any given dedicated xbox player.

      • xavi

        3 or more replacement consoles huh,,, damn, the xbox has to be pretty badass to have some one spend around 900( thats 300 per xbox 3 or more= 900) for just that console alone,, when all the had to do was buy one ps3 and aparently in your opinion is a much better console,, its hard for me to even believe that 2 million consoles came from rebuying the same console,,, but hay if you think your consoles the shit thats you,, but to be honest it sounds like you just proved yourself wrong in your own writing without you even knowing it,,,,, ouch….!!!!!

  • polymorphic

    wow ps3 pros, all i gotta say is RIDGE RACER!!!!!!!!!!!! hahaha ps3 kids fail. your 400$ paperweight, dust collecting heater shouldnt even be compared to my sexy, black sleek xbox360. 300$ for 250 gigs, whisper fan cooling, PERFECT wireless and HALO, and gears. and as of all of you saying "omg u need to pay for xbl!" well unless your poor its cheap as balls. Think of psn or xbl as a road, xbox is the turnpike, you pay for a smooth road and upkeep. from what ive heard psn has gone to hell and the servers are hella laggy. ps: killzone? really lol…

    • Philip

      The Network is fine. NOthing is going on. You prolly made that up so it sounded like you have an argument. And my xbox is the same kind you have. WHisper cooler? HA! Its a helicopter, really. Of course, If it wernt for the three vents and the powerful fan the xbox wouldnet have the 5 month longer lifespan than the average xbox. The ps3 doesnt have any heaters. WHo the hell wants to heat up their system? Unless its taking a blowdryer to an xbox two weeks before the warrenty exspires.The ps3 VENTS do collect dust, but so does any vent without slanted lines. And that 250 gigs, u dont gotta install games for xbox, its only optional, so ur never gonna fill it, especially since xbox games can only have as much as about 3 gigs on an hd disc.

    • Gman69

      What year are you posting from? Ridge Racer really!!!

    • Gman69

      Ridge Racer is also on 360

  • Philip

    I have all three consloes. they all have ups, most for the ps3, and downs, wii ( my opinion, it just aint mah style), but anyway u slice it, the ps3 is technilogically advanced, there isnt any argument. just denial. Ps3 fanboys are few, cuz we dont really gotta say much, where as the xboxers gotta fight like theyre in GAYLO! I have been playing xbox more lately, but thats cuz my ps3 was moved to the livingroom outta my room. I live in a big family so there aint much time i get for it, but id jump at the chance! And then theres this gay little ginger ##### who wont stfu, I gave him the standard superiority argument, little ahole really is brainwashed. HE THOUGHT HE PWNED ME AFTER HE SAID LOTSA PS3 SUPPORTIVE STUFF! He just likes playing with his lil budddies, and I mean that in gay way. PS3 FTW! OH WAIT, IT ALREADY WON! OH YEAH AND PACKERS FTW GOOOO WISCONSIN!

  • john

    Main difference between PS3 and Xbox is the games.

    Xbox is mostly focused on PC similar shoot em up games, while PS3 have a lot more variety, story based games, and more other style games. Another difference ofcourse is that PS3 have blueray with DVD instead of only DVD. This lets you watch a small selection of available films in blueray full HD instead of DVD.

  • Hoop Daddy

    Tooo much info. I've seen XBox 360 and own 2 PS3. I watch Blu-Ray DVDs on the PS3 and every now and again play a game of MLB XXX, Tiger Woods XXX, or some other game that I bought Used and on sale.

  • RoboTony

    First of all everyone here is wrong. And these are the facts and you must deal with them.
    First of all Nintendo is not going anywhere with its HUMUNGOUS library of games. Casual gamers dont even know the big difference between the kinect and wii anyway so more people will still purchase Nintendo Wii. (Not to mention its cheap price tag opposed to buying a whole xbox kinect bundle). More people are familiar with Nintendo from years ago and still today. So don't think XBOX has any capablity of taking Nintendos customers. Even if they do Nintendo now has the funds and the brains to completely take over the world. Everyone fails to mention HOW MANY MORE SALES WII HAS THAN EITHER PS3 OR XBOX. ITS ALMOST BOTH OF THERE SALES COMBINED AND ITS STILL RISING AS YOU READ THIS

    • Gman69

      That doesn't make it a good system, just proves people will buy any fad. Oh and by the way if something is still being sold sales will always go up never down that doesn't mean sales are good for the Wii right now look it up, the fad is over but they did get their money I guess.

  • RoboTony

    And yeah the xbox may be doing a little buit better than than ps3 (not by much) but lets face THIS… ITS A SMARTER SYSTEM. First off all youget a blu ray player an internet browser ( I think everyone fails to remember that XBOX doesnt even have a browser). THE ONLINE PLAY ON PS3 IS FUCKING FREE! Why the hell are you paying to play a game online? Because you wont loose connection even though that never fucking happens anyway on ps3 or your computer. Its bunch of bullshit. THE ONLY REASON YOUR PLAYING XBOX IS BECAUSE ALL YOUR DUMB ASS FRIENDS HAVE IT AND YOU ALL WANNA WASTE MONEY AND BE DUMB TOGETHER. Ps3 has better graphics than xbox360. THIS IS A FACT,NOT AN OPINION. FINAL FANTASY 13 was originally on the ps3. IT all fit on one disc. When it got ported over to the 360 IT HAD TO BE PUT ON ABOUT 6 GOD DAMN DISCS. They even had to downgrade the cut scene quality to fit it on a whoping 6 disc game. LIsten people the fact are clear. Nintendo is KING. Playstation is queen and 360 is the joker. The jokes on you mothafucka. Keep giving em your dollars for uselss SHITBOX.

  • Jimmeyred

    You guys should all shut up and take a good look at things. Neither Sony or Microsoft are dumb companies, they know what they're doing, which is why they have more money than you, and last time I checked, they've been selling consoles longer than you, because you've sold none. The Move and Kinect will both be successful.

    Anyways, yes, the only reasons to buy a PS3 in 2011 are games. Why? Because it's a console designed to… PLAY GAMES. Not to mention everyone already knows the PS3's potential with their hardware.

    As for Xbox, they've got nothing on PS3 in 2011, sorry. LBP 2, Uncharted 3, Killzone 3, InFamous 2, Motorstorm Apocalypse, Ratchet and Clank All 4 one, Resistance 3 and Twisted metal, to name a few. That's not to say Xbox isn't a good console, nor is it to imply Xbox has bad games. Xbox is a great console with great games, but, I believe they've been beat, at least for 2011. Now stop all this "PS3 is better faggot." and "Xbox rulz!!1!!" garbage because it makes you sound like a bunch of kids.

  • god damn, people are idiots. look, i have had both systems, first my 360, had it for a year and a half and i got the rrod and my warrenty expired…so i broke my 360. Waited for a while until the ps3 slim came out. Bought it and had so much fun with it, free online good games. but the blu ray i think is pointless. i have never bought a blu ray movie bc one, there god damnt expensive. its freaking a movie. if you want to see a movie. go to the movies or rent one i already have a blu ray player anyways. I sold my ps3 due to lack of any of my friends owning one and i wanted some exclusives that xbox 360 was getting

    So really, both sytems are just as good, it just depends what ur friends own. my friends own 360 and i like to play mw2, black ops, and left 4 dead 2 with my friends. on ps3, the online sux and it lags, but thats y its free. sure, u have to pay for xbox live but u get what u pay for and thats true, xbox live dominates psn. both consols have good games with there own exclusives. Kinect is a fail and move is fail too.


    PS3 – 10/10 – Blu ray player, free online, chargable controllor (no battieries) bluetooth and wi-fi and some sick exclusives including LBP2 and Infamous2

    360 – 10/10 – Hd, xbox live (better online with a exception of $60 a year) Better Controllors (in my oppionin) Charable controllor (have to buy charable batter or a battery pack with charger, wifi, Somewhat better exclusives games, Halo Reach, Left 4 dead 2 (not including pc verision)

    I would buy both but im not rich lol, so go what u prefer but this consol war has to stop, its pointless, a waste of time, and i could be playing some black ops instead of typing this peacock bullshit xD, Later!

    My gamertag is Sir Voyager, im in the sir clan in mw2 and black ops. Head shot bitch

  • PS3 is for idiots

    You guys are all really stupid X-Box live costs money to regulate the stupid five year olds and total retards. xbox is leading in sales becauese it is better. if all you care about is 3D and bluray dont get a game console get a blue ray player. Oh and dont say xbox live and psn are equal because last time i checked the maps for CoD came out a month early

    • Philip

      came out a month earlier cuz they needed to be buffed so the graphics would be consistent for the ps3.

  • Check

    i have both an Xbox 360 and a PS3… So remember, i dont care because i have both of them. I have COD on both Xbox and PS, which is sad i kno, but seriouly the PS3 is way better graphically, just check it out yourselves. Same for battlefield 2 etc. I think the Xbox is a great consol and i think the Natal will be really enjoyable and will achieve what the Wii wanted to but at a greater playing experiance. i think Xbox will push in this direction and PS will become more gamers choice.
    Also, 3D which sony has best developed, the 3D games on the PS look nuts, i cant wait. Only if someone is willing to buy me a 3D TV that is.

    Enjoy gaming.


    Final fantasy 13 on the Xbox comes on 3 discs.. The hardware is outdated, and not even the fanboys can deny that.
    Blu-Ray is the future.. < Wikipedia, the second best thing to happen to the internet. Second to Google.

    • Gman69

      Final fantasy was ruined because of xbox even on the ps3 it would have been more open of a game, but no we need to have multiple disks.

  • PS3

    1 of the reasons why xbox is leading in sales is bcuz millions of people had to buy 2,3,4 more 360's cuz of the rrod's. i had 1 myself but sold it to a friend cuz the damn thing sounded like a chainsaw n the exclusives for xbox is so damn boring! it's something kids would love to play, like halo especially! PS3 is closing the gap on sales, PSN is up to par with xbox live, PS3 has better graphics, PS3 has more n better exclusives, move is more accurate than kinect, i mean… come on!! has anybody seen the lag on that crap?! open ur eyez xbots!! we the ps3 owners can see the clear picture cuz everything is in blueray n 3D!! we play the free world (PSN) n we move with accuracy n precision!

    • Gman69

      Good show sir.

  • PS3

    As of last month the PS3 closed the gap by 3.5 million.

  • H..G..C

    whatever i have the new xbox360 (not because my xbox360 broke because it was as loud as a helicopter) and it is much more quiet then the ps3 or ps3 slim (i had to put my ear on it to hear it) and i had a ps2 and a wii until 2009( yea i know i was late to get one of the two hardcore systems) but my USED xbox 360 (made in 2007) never had a problem (ever). sometimes i find myself thinking about witch console is actually better ( PS3 ) but then i think ( i do have the right console) just because of halo (i love forge).

    console wars (hardware): PS3

    content (for me) : Xbox 360

  • Not Blind

    Lol, the only reason the Xbox sales are higher is due to so many people with launch xbox360s that have failed and been out of warranty going out and buying a replacement…

    6 out of 10 top 10 games on xbox are cross platform anyways so its not like ur losing out by buying either… Tho the PS3 does have higher rated exclusives than the 360…

    Also, the 360 gfx have been at a standstill for ages while the PS3 has been creating much better gfx for a while and is getting better all the time…

    Then theres the Bluray player, Web browser, Netflix and BBc iPlayer, Can install movies and pics onto the hard drive, Make ur own themes, Free online play thats just as good as any pc online games… PS3 does it all without having to pay for it, Unlike the xbox where u have to pay to use most of the online features that are free to anyone with a pc anyways…

    If the xbox was that much better then the sales wouldnt be as close as they are after the xbox having a years head start…

    Aslo, M$ has had to hype everything about the console and games to get it where it is while the PS3 has managed it all without a huge hype machine maketing campaign…

    I like both consoles but there is just so much more to the PS3, and its all usable without paying a LIVE tax to M$ for what are free services anyways…

  • PS3 fan

    The people just want the best console system… with the most games and the best exclusives…Xbox 360 got a redesign, very sexy redesign and people want it… who can blame them… I own a PS3 but it's exclusives aren't that good…for me personally so I bought an Xbox 360 … and now I'm thinking of getting this 360 slim for an upgrade on memory… PS3 fanboys sorry but Xbox 360 is looking much sexier right now…. PS3 had a moment.. with those new exclusives but it was ONLY a moment compared to the domination Xbox 360 has been giving to the PS3… for years… not months… no recent sales but overall rapage [period]

    • Gman69

      Ps3 just passed 360 worldwide just now, by the way

  • Jake

    Im sorry god of war 3 sucked so much ass it hurt, my ps3 is used for nothing but a blu-ray player atm, with only littlebigplanet 2 i have to look forward to. Xbox 360 gives gamers what they want and ps3 gives them what they think we want, which in the end turns out to be wrong

    • Lala

      Yes finally that's exactly what I say but it's so hard to argue using that

  • JaCkaL

    So just how do you play a game that requires a button push on Kinect? You shape you hand like a gun and then what? What about telling it to use the scope, how can you aim the weapon and fire without messing up your aim? Lets say you figured that one out, does the weapon have an alternate fire mode, like grenade launcher, how do you do that? What if you have a jetpack/parachute/grapling hook type item, how do you use it? etc…. At least Wii and Move offer control and buttons… (and Move has some controller free control).

    • duck

      don't suppose you noticed how similar the playstation move's controllers are to the WII's?

  • no9fletch

    I used to be a fanboy of the original xbox, and my mates would always take the piss, but i soon realised that if your a real gamer you like every console because each one has games to offer. For me i don't like Playstation games that much im more of a halo player, but god of war is incredible and enchanted 2 is incredible, you would be an idiot to ignore them because they are not on the 360.

    In response to sales figures im on my 3rd xbox they're not reliable, thats why there are more sales no doubt, but it doesnt take away form the fact gears, fable, alan wake etc are awesome. As for the wii, mario kart is still a winner and mario galaxy is awesome! hardware wise playstation kicks everything but games wise personally i prefer xboxs.

  • Matt

    I own all the consoles and I must say the PS3 is my favorite. It has so many games of every genre including platformers which xbox is severely lacking in. Just finished heavy rain and there is nothing that creative for xbox. Xbox just consist of mostly mindless shooters while PS3 has everything. Fixing to upgrade my ps3 hdd to 500gb.

  • MrBushido

    PS3 will outsale to 360 just wait and see

    • Gman69

      You are correct it just did, I like seeing old post about people predicting this and that and most people are wrong good job.

  • bazzerk

    OK, so the PS3 came out a year later, big deal! The Wii did too you know, yet it has ran rings around the PS3 and 360! LOL! The Wii has double the number of PS3 sales and the DS has completely blown away the PSP! In the end though who cares, some people need to get a life and stop standing up for their games console as if they were alive! Crikey some of you sound blood thirsty!

  • Boogah

    Well like most people i purchased a 360 because it was the first next gen console out which i believe is a major factor for 360 sales numbers. I was extremely pleased and considered it the greatest console ever made. When the ps3 came out i got it and was dissapointed year one., the PSN just couldn't compete with xbox live and the developers showed lack of knowledge with the ps3 game releases at the time. Year two things got better for ps3 but my xbox experience was still more entertaining. Year three was my turn around year, upon my third red ring i spent more time with the ps3 games while the PSN was almost up to par with 360. Ever since then ps3 has been on a roll. Besides Lives more friendly community and a feature or two more there arn't too many positives 360 has over PS3. In terms of motion move looks to support hardcore gamers as well as more creativity than Kinect for the games announced thus far. Xbox just hasn't given me a reason to pick up the controller l8ley, there recent releases were good but fail in comparison to the ps3 master pieces. Plus as a movie bootlegger the ps3 is a dream!! YAY

  • miltos2304

    I always liked xbox and i was sony hater(ps1,ps2) but at the end i bought ps3 for its exclusives (killzone,gt,little big planet,last guardian…etc) But i have to admit xbox rules on the online games.And the multiplatform games look better on xbox360.
    Also Kinect will boost their sales, my personal opinion.

  • Durpa durp

    Uncharted 2 is on PS3… PS3 wins.

    Seriously though its down to your preferences. I myself prefer Sony/Nintendo exclusives at the momment.

    • Brandon

      You, sir… Are absolutely correct. I just left probably the longest comment on here to someone and now feel like an idiot because "Uncharted 2 is on PS3" is all I had to say. Damnit. -.-

  • spunwicked

    The king of non news strikes again causing fanboy flamewar…

    Idiot 1 : Oh, xbox360, derbie derbie doo
    Idiot 2 : Well, ps3, derbedie derbedie doobie doo
    Idiot 1 : Derbie Derbie doodoo de derb
    Idiot 2 : Doobie doo derb

    Well fcuk me, haven't we heard it all before? Aren't you late for school fanbois?

    • p DOG

      yes i am thanks for reminding me MR. A's gonna skin me for being late!

  • <Cool_Name>

    The PS3 is better. I hate having to buy new AA batteries for my Xbox. I only play Gears on the xbox. GOW, Uncharted 2, MAG (if u had the bandwidth) were good reasons to buy a PS3 then. You guys are current owners of 1 or both of these, yet you're arguing about whether it'd be a good idea to buy right now based on what's been announced. What about the last couple of years? What about non console owners? Are they gona buy based on 2011 games alone?

    Oh and Kinectimals is gay. Sorry if that hurts your feelings, but you know you cant defend it.

  • BDog

    I'm really getting tired of the fanboyism. I own a ps3 and the only 2 games I would buy is GT5 and Killzone 3. The other 3 only interest me enough to rent. The 360 is a good console but a lot of those so called exclusives are also on pc. I use to own the 360 until the graphics chip melted on me. I actually was gonna buy another one until my friend convinced me to get a ps3. I haven't looked back since. Besides all of my favorite game franchises are/were exclusive to Sony's platform. Halo is sweet but there is plenty of other shooters both exclusive and multiplatform on ps3. Kinect looks disappointing to say the least. I could definitely live without it. The only game that looks interesting is that star wars game. The new 360 looks okay and its something i'm gonna keep my eye on.

  • bazzerk

    Point to bear in mind with move is that not only do I need to buy a camera but I also need to buy more wands if I want more players to participate. Kinect does not have this problem. I don't see move being that much cheaper overall and it has the possibility of being more expensive depending on how many people you have playing. Personally though I feel Sony and M$ should have left it to Nintendo. The 3-D stuff wont work to full capacity till the next generation either.

    • duh

      kinect = 2 players, move = 4 players

  • Weedmannick

    look people history repeats it's self! example Xbox= $_$, PS3= Lifesavers! now lick this Mircrohard =3

  • Rick

    XBOX in 2006: We have Gears of war!
    XBOX in 2007: We have Halo 3!
    Xbox in 2008: We have Gears of War 2!
    Xbox in 2009: We have Halo (add on sold as full priced game) ODST!!
    Xbox in 2010: We Have Halo REACH!
    Xbox in 2011: We Will have Gears of War 3!!!

    WOW…. is all i can say.

    Tell me every game that Kinect showed at E3 that you can HONESTLY picture a hardcore gamer playing and/or any person playing by themselves no one with them.

    And now look at every game that PS Move will have that can appeal to hardcore/solo players (Socom 4, Resident Evil, Little Big Planet 1 & 2, Sorcery, Etc.)

    Ok now i would LOVE for someone to argue against all my points just now bring it.

    • michael

      crap box is shit. and halo is the most boring game ive ever playing in my life, ur a bitch and should bye a ps3.

      i just brung it, what you gona do bitch


      • buttal8tr


        Ummh…u might want to reread rick's post and his use of sarcasm to make his points. Then, if you got it, try some crow for dinner tonight (It's okay, dude, we've all done that at least once in our lives and then felt sheepish when another points out our mistakes). You didn't argue rick's points – but I guess you could say you brought it ?

        I dunno…maybe I'm the one who didn't get it, and you just hate the world cuz I spent 90 seconds of my life typing this and I'll never get that back. Felt so GOOD to bring it though.

  • Me…

    It should be remembered also that the 360 came out ages before the PS3 in some places, So it is suprising that PS3 sales aren't lower than they are, especially with the far higher initial cost.

    At the end of the day, these are GAMES consoles, and it doesn't matter what peripherals are released besides each- they will still both sell brilliantly, and so will the Wii. I personally own a PS3, but also enjoy the 360 so I cannot be accused of favouritism here, although I have never played a Wii. 🙂

  • Klatu Berata Nicto

    As someone who owns both consoles, I have to say it’s rather pointless and somewhat dissapointing to discuss the “one vs. the other” argument. In reality, the consoles are sooo similar, that there’s really no point in debate. I owned a 360 first, then got a PS3 for the few exclusives. But aside from the exclusives, all the same games are available on BOTH consoles, and look pretty much exactly the same (with very few exceptions). As for motion controls, its a gimmick. It will fail on both systems because the audience for casual games already own a Wii, and I doubt they will spend a extra $300-400 for a new console and motion control device.

  • Alex

    I find it funny that 360 fans keep forgetting the fact that their system came out a full year before the PS3. Imagine if they released at the same time. The 360 would not stand a chance.

  • ThomasBCat

    What about the fact that the PS3 can play Blu Ray movies? The XBox360 only does….not that.

    • I still haven't bought a blu ray movie besides what came with my ps3, streaming is much better.

  • evo

    I wouldnt play xbox if it were handed to me for free, the piece of crap sounds like a helicopter when its running. everybody that buys a wii stands in front of it a week later and says "why the hell did I buy this?" playstation is a far better system. have fun with your hd disks, cool down stations and please enjoy shipping your xbox out to get fixed while ps3 owners keep playing.

  • gboyz

    U 360 fanboys are crazy. The ps3 has been dominating in world sales for a while now. The new 360 will die down eventually and the ps3 will continue its long success with its many advetisments

  • Pacman33

    Wow at folks still talking about Gears and Halo. That's like so 2008. I own both systems and I can honestly say that as of late M$ has been severely lacking in good exclusive relases.The last 3 good games I have played have all been PS3 exclusives, Uncharted 2, God of War3 and Heavy Rain. As I think back even Infamous was a solid game. The last good exclusive game I played on my 360 was Gears 2. Alan Wake looked good, but it was a bitter disapointment. All in all, any true gamer would own both and any true gamer would have no bias, but just want good games.

    • I loved Allan Wake and Splinter Cell Conviction ( that was like 3 different games in one ).

  • dave

    judging the popularity of a console by its sales is very misleading. at a difference of 5million i dont believe for one minute theres 5millions more xbox users than ps3 users. a huge chunk of that gap is due to people buying 2nd, 3rd and even 4th xboxs to replace their dead ones. ive done it myself (currently on 3rd).

    forza doesnt come close to the gran turismo series. its very good and a nice distraction but it will always be a stopgap until the real king of driving games arrives. and one of the reasons i like gran turismo is because it DOESNT have damage. 1) you cant see it anyway 2) if youre a decent driver your car shouldnt have any its just a waste of development time. its also kind of sad that the lack of damage is the only point people can find to pick on gran turismo. for me a driving game is about the feel of the car, and GT always has that spot on and no other game comes close.

    neither Natal/Kinect or Move remotely interest me at the moment. and i dont really see it making a massive difference to either the ps3 or xbox sales. people buy the wii cos its cheap with simple games not because they want to wave their arms around!!

  • era

    (Shrug) PS3 game lineup seems as good, if not better, than that of the 360, IMHO. Other than Gears and Halo what does the 360 have? Kinectimals? Molesting tiger cubs is not my idea of a fun game. Plus most of the xbox exclusive games come out on pc anyways… at least thats my take on the matter

    • Ray

      NOthing, the only games Xbox has coming out are Halo, Gears and Fable. The same old games that had coming about 5 years ago.

      Oh but wait, they get COD map packs months early for 3years!

      ::rolls eyes:::

      • phil

        They get their map packs early cuz theyre the guinea pigs. they realease the low graphic prototypes and then fix the graphics and patchit so its neat and ready for the ps3 gamers.

    • Person

      Yep, Galo ReachED up their ass and they got and odSTD xbox sucks! Xbox fanboys are just sad, ignorant, brainwashed people who are lying to themselves, thinking that the xbox is better in any way

  • marhorn

    Viva la Microsoft! I dont even think Natal will have to do much, not after games like Gears of war and of course Halo Reach hit the world. I waited and waited and….. oh how I waited for Gran turismo and now its like who cares? Forza 3 is by far the best racer around and hell the racing in Halo is superb! The new Xbox is the start of playstations demise (well actually the old Xbox was) Natal (yes I know its Kinect but I dont care!) will (hopefully) be the greatest thing ever made for consoles. But ironically the nail in sony's coffin will not come from something Microsoft release but rather in the something that sony themselves release! Yes thats right the move!

    Enough said!
    See you in Reach!
    Peace out

    • Ray

      Yay! Yet ANOTHER Halo.


      • Yay, another MGS, God of War etc.

        It goes both ways.

    • Logan

      Ur a brainwashed xbox fanboy

  • Reality Check

    Isn't it kind of sad that the only reason we believe the PS3 would be worth buying right now is for 5 games? Let's face it…Gran Turismo is just another car racing game at this point and actually considered a step down from a few other racers due to their failure to have true damage inflicted on the vehicle to make it more realistic. Little Big Planet 2 will be fun no doubt…but would anyone in their right mind buy the console just to play it?The other 3 games may be worth a play as well but again…who buys a console based on any of them really?

    The 360 is selling well now as the PS3 sales fade, just imagine how big the gap will become when all the casual gamers jump aboard the Microsoft train and purchase the 360 with the Kinnect package. I am predicting that you will minimally see a 2 to 1 360 to PS3 purchased for months thereafter. And the Wii will no longer be a player at all with its console becoming 100% absolete at that moment when Kinnect arrives!

    Take my word that this is exactly how things will go down folks!!!

    • Matt

      Reality Check = Xbox Fan-boy.
      The so called ''Kinnect'' is going to be a failure. £150? Dont think so buddy.Why would the Wii die down in sales? People will still buy it you ass. Ps3 is only for those who can afford it you skank.

      • Jonny

        I agree with Matt.

      • Actually after you buy everything you need to use PS3's Move to it's full potential, it will cost around $140, and that is just for one person, if you want to add another person you are down another $70+ dollars for another controller and nunchuck add on.

        PS3 title's have been underperforming for the most part, I actually can't believe God of War 3 isn't double the sales that it's really at.
        Top 5 360 Exclusives Sales Totals PS3's
        32.14 million 19.28
        Comparing each consoles top 10 exclusives.
        360 PS3
        46.26 million 32.75

        I love them both but fanboys need to cool it, no body can argue with the numbers.

        • critter

          You can argue with numbers that are manufactured. I'm not saying the numbers themselves are wrong, but why don't you put world wide sales? BTW, it comes out to be about $100 for the motion controller and add-on for Move, dunno where you get you "$140" figure from???

      • Earle

        Matt = drip
        Move + Kinect = RIP Nintendo
        2011 Kinect = 99, then 50
        Wii = little girls = Matt

    • Ray

      Hey retard, IF PS3 sales are slumping why is just about every retailer out of them?

      Also you claim the PS3 only has 5 games? What exclusives does the Xbox have besides yet ANOTHER Gears, Halo and Fable. You bots will never cease to amaze me with your idiocy. you remind me of all those idiots who claim Obama is doing a stand up job. Even in the face of facts you turds still push the lies.

      • You mean like MGS 4, God of War 3, Uncharted 2, GT 5, Killzone 2, Resistance 2 ?

        360 has plenty of original exclusives just like PS3 does.

    • Logan

      Wow…..fanboy much? I think u need a reality check

    • 360 Owner

      I hate to disagree with you but Kinect is going to fail horribly. No core gamers are going to want it since it is even more gimmicky then the Wii. If someone wanted to start casually gaming they wouldn't buy a 360 when the Wii is much cheaper and has a larger library then Kinect.

      • Wii is hardly cheaper if you end after you buy extra controllers and nunchucks.

    • Trevor

      Kinect won't be as big as anyone thinks after original sales and you can take "my word" on that. It seems like a great idea, but it just isn't as fun as you might think without a controller. There is a reason that Wii added to Wiimote, and that's all due to precision, which Kinect just won't have vs the Move. I've played controllerless games, and their fun at first, but the lack of input makes it fade fast. The fact that you can play something like MAG with a Move controller shows you the difference of what precision can make. I'm not saying it's any more or less fun than using a regular controller, but it does show what precision brings to motion controlling. Truth is, I don't know that Move will do great either, but that's all due to Sony's lack of marketing stragety.

    • Twedros

      Hmmm it seems you are the one nedding a reality check.The ps3 is a far better system that doesnt break down and has free online.Look at the PS3 exclusives compared to the crapboxs.MGS4,Killzone,lbp,GT5,Mstorm,Res,GOW3…. you have halo the most overated game in exisistence.stop dreaming and face reality.

    • Brandon

      Alright, I see you posted this 21 weeks ago. But, now that time has passed and we now see the sales of the Kinect compared to the Playstation Move, your comment is proven false. PSMove has already sold much, much, much more than the Kinect. And as for exclusives, HAHA! Playstation 3 has Uncharted 1, Uncharted 2, Killzone 1-3, Infamous 1, Infamous 2, LittleBigPlanet 1 and 2, Twisted Metal is about to come out!, Final Fantasy Versus 13 is PS3 only and will be out soon, Heavy Rain, MAG (256 players online and no lag on my connection compared to your 5 on 5 and 12 on 12 battles), God Of War Collection and God Of War 3, Gran Turismo 5, EVERY sports game that is even worth mentioning is PS3 exclusive. And yet you defend the Xbox over your supposed exclusives… which are what? Three games? Halo, Gears and Mass Effect? OH WAIT, Mass Effect is coming to PS3 in January. Wow, just one big fail. Two games, that is it. What a waste. I bet you're not even a gamer. Just a 14 year old who only knows what Halo is and has his mom buy him an Xbox Live account (oh, which also PS3 online is free)

    • Ray

      The reason why xbox is getting more sales is because all the systems break and people need to buy a new one.

    • SoCal

      Wow you kids are dumbfucks! blah blah ps3 is better ,no wait x360 is better,no no wait Wii is better.Stfu and Gtfo !!! (o)8(o)

    • michael

      take your word aye?? its been 33 weeks since you posted this and microsofts kinect was a huge fail, there sales did rise but not for that long and ps3 sales are over taking the mighty 360s as we speak.

      hope you dont have money in stocks coz your going to "predict" this like you did the rise of M$, your gona be one poor motherf*uker. BAHAHAHA

    • Matt

      ok people like you really piss me off. First off the main reason you buy a console is for the games. Second the 360 came out a year before the ps3 so obviously it will have more sales. Gran Turismo V is the best racing game ever(i own it). Its not just "another racing game". And you know that playstation has the playstation move package to right. PS3 also has the larger hardrive, better exclusive games( i mean lets face it halo is done so the last one 360 has is Gears of War), free internet, internet browser, music unlimited(subsription service where you can play any song you want), dedicated servers, and no red rings.

      Plus how could you possibly think the sales will be 2:1. Critics are calling 2011 the year of the playstation with so many exclusives coming out this year. Including, Little Big Planet 2, Killzone 3, Resistance 3, SOCOM 4, Uncharted 3, The Last Guardian, MLB The Show 11, Motor Storm Apocolypse, and those are just the ones off the top of my head. So dont think these ridiculous thoughts anymore.

    • Matt

      im not a "fanboy" or anything but check the worldwide sales, the wii is blowing the xbox and ps3 out of the water 😛