Sprint Samsung Epic 4G (Galaxy S Pro): Specs Inspected

By Jamie Pert - Jun 28, 2010

Earlier today we revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S was coming to Verizon and would be called the Samsung Fascinate, now we are hearing that another variant of the Galaxy will be coming to Sprint.

This handset is the Sprint Samsung Epic 4G, this is apparently a renamed version of the Samsung Galaxy S Pro, as its name suggests it features 4G connectivity on Sprint’s WiMAX network, this makes it Sprint’s second ever 4G compliant handset following the HTC EVO 4G.

The Epic’s specs are pretty much identical to the Vibrant/Fascinate/Galaxy S, however it also boasts a front-facing camera to allow video calling capabilities and a full slide-out QWERTY keyboard, this may help it appeal towards business users (full specs here).

There is no official launch date currently known for the Epic 4G, therefore we will have to keep you posted, for now checkout Sprint’s official press release and the source link below.

Will you buy this instead of the HTC EVO 4G?

Source: BGR

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  • smartphonescrazy

    I just cancelled my order of the HTC Evo 4G and wait to see the new Epic 4G from Samsung. Hope the battery of the Epic lasts a lot longer than the Evo. Otherwise, the Epic should be just as fast and smart as the Evo.

    • bob. t.

      wow you are crazy… cancelling an htc evo order

      i… never trust samsung making phones they're always cheap and break quickly

      also they pretty much copied the interface of apple so its like you're using a bootleg iphone

      • Don

        Samsung Galaxy S phones are amazing, it out preforms evo in every single way hardware wise, he made a good choice. I returned my EVO and am picking up a galaxy s class phone on the 31st.

  • Been waiting this phone since it was still called as Galaxy S. Samsung Epic 4G Updates.

    Front facing camera, FTW!