Samsung Epic 4G vs HTC EVO: Closet yet

By Peter Chubb - Jun 28, 2010

We now know that the Galaxy S Pro will be called the Samsung Epic 4G and will be coming to Sprint when it comes to the market in the next few months. It is no secret that the smartphone will have to battle it out with the recently released iPhone 4, but it will be the in-house fighting with the HTC EVO 4G, as they are very similar.

Chris Ziegler from Engadget explains that the upcoming Epic 4G talks a good fight when you look at the impressive spec sheet, but then again, so did the EVO 4G – and we all know how impressive that handset is. It is as if Sprint will use these two as a sort of tag-team to take the fight to the rest of the competition.

Looking at those specs that we discussed in a recent post we know that its 5-megapixel camera, front-facing VGA camera, 1GHz processor and 4-inch AMOLED screen – if they can get hold of any – looks every much as good as the new iPhone 4.

The Epic 4G will come with Android 2.1, as it will run on Samsung’s custom UI – although we are certain that 2.2 Froyo will be made available shortly after its release. We still do not have a release date or price, but we will keep you informed.

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  • Jesus

    The Evo is definitely my favorite phone I have ever had; I love the huge screen and 4G speeds. It is the perfect device to watch live or recorded TV using the Sling adapter from DISH Network. I actually work at DISH and the Sling adapter allows me to stream TV to my phone wherever I have 3G coverage or WiFi. So with the 4G network from Sprint, the experience is that much better. With the Sling adapter, my Evo is the perfect mobile device. It is the only one I carry with me at all times.

  • Steve

    Amazing how little people know about these two phones.

    • sant

      ok im going to up grade in a few weeks. can u give me an honest opinon on which phone i sould get. every where i look on line all i hear is that the epic is the better phone but i really like the evos 4.3 screen. please help…

  • Ryan

    I have the Epic, and I know 1 person that has gotten it and is amazed by it. If he could get any other phone beside this one, he would have gotten an Iphone, only if it was on Sprints service. Cause we know how much AT&T loves its money and they provide a crappy service. I love it, the AMOLED screen makes things look very rich in color. My friend had switched over to Sprint, and couldn't decide between the Evo and Epic. When I let him see my phone he loved it, and now he has it. So far I haven't had any problems, expect the battery life to be short, since it is expected for 4G phones. Though it is still longer than the EVO's. It has a slide out QWERTY keyboard and it's a major reason you'd buy the Epic over the Evo. Before this phone I had the Exclaim which had the QWERTY slide out keyboard, so I wanted to keep that feature. I really don't care for touch screen keyboard since they can be such a pain. I like the Epic a lot, and if you compare the two phones on sprints website, the Epic has a lot more features than the Evo.

  • Kenny

    If you're looking to decide whether or not to get the EVO or the Epic, here's something to consider. The EVO is sold-out nationwide, and Sprint doesn't have a single clue as to when they're getting more. I could go on about that, but that would be rude. At this rate, you stand a better chance of getting the Epic, and it's not even out yet.

  • deeree

    camera much better in evo, hdmi in epic, epic IS lighter, evo screen is easy to replace, amoled in epic, larger memory in epic, screen larger in evo

  • mitchy

    can someone tell me which ones betterr the evo or the epicc 4g, i cant seem to decide which onee. can some one please helpp.. thank youu.

  • Tony

    Can someone speak to the issues that may be involved with the Epic not being HDMI compatible? Does this mean I can only work with DNLA devices? I understand the EVO uses both formats. Thanks.

  • Linda

    I have the Evo and am overall happy with it. The definite con is the battery life. I hope they come out with a battery that will last longer. I definitely miss the qwerty board but I don't like the Epic qwerty position. I prefer it to slide down than sideways. I've always had a Palm (held onto my older Palm for 4 years) until the Evo. I'm not a fan of touch screens but I'm getting use it. I hope in one to two years they will come out with a 4G phone (similar to Evo) with a slide down qwerty but not small like Palm Pre.

    • Wizhk

      There are alternative batteries you can buy that will last you a few hours longer.

      Sent from my EVO, using swype..

  • zack

    Ok so I have no clue of what to get I never even got the Evo because my I can't get my phone til december and I'm not good with all this processor stuff. I have the moment and I don't think its that bad the battery just needs some work and as long as u hav a car charger you'll be finpe. My. Cousin had the htc hero and he told me to get the samsung moment and I like it but I'm a little tired. And if I get the same problem with the epic I don't wanna be waiting for another year. I think that the evo looks cooler like in design. Also is it true that I hav to pay an extrab$10 per month for the evo? Does this apply to the epic?

  • I agree! WebOS is soooo much slicker than Android. Shame they couldn't get their update cycle in time. I'm exasperated on waiting for Palm. Shame I've been with them since their 1st smartphone (actually even before that). Keyboard wins over the EVO.

    -I want an Epic/EVO (in white), running _webOS_, with a keyboard, and I want it NOW !

    Too bad, too, for palm as people won't keep switching their databases (tied to OS really). And we're tied in to 2yr (or 1yr) update cycles. HP you're loosing the whole market by not having anything available YET. People ain't gonna switch Later. They're buying en masse Today!

  • jephro

    Wow you got ripped off. Went through 3 Palm Pre’s, ear speaker kept going out. They replaced it with a Moment for no charge after about 8 months. A little bit buggy at times but I think its Android rather than a hardware issue. Runs way better since the 2.1 update, battery still life sucks but i do use it a lot.

    I held off on the Evo in hopes of a 4G phone with a keyboard, this looks like it. Wish it were a WebOS phone but that boat may have sailed off to tablet-land on the USS HP. 🙁

    • sant

      i have the pre as well i went threw about five of them i f@ckin hate the palm pre! my up grade is in about two weeks im not sure if i sould get the evo or the epic from sprint. whats your opinon on the two phones.

  • Jim spilman

    Evo has had and is having a few problems and now the new epic from samsung…….will it also have the same killer death aero failure as it’s moment. A problem that after 10 months they now admit to and are asking moment owners for input as they cannot solve.. No reason to expect it will not be in the moment 2 and the new epic. If one goes with htc or samsung it’s best to remember sprint’s 30 day return policy and keep your old phone to fall back to. After four consecutive moments and currently have a working, but very slow hero that cost me full price because of sprints replacement policys I wish I had used the 30 day policy until problems had been resolved.

    • Jim spilman

      Update: Two weeks ago got an Evo and just updated to 2.2 from HTC. Absolutely no problems. Battery goes all day. Very pleased. Also have an iphone 4 on ATT, and the Evo is not an iphone4, or compare to the itunes App store, but when I am on Sprint the Evo is damn close. I do like Evo's larger screen—-sorry Steve. Will not be looking at the epic as I am not interested in a slider or samsung after my Moment experience.

      • Guest

        No shortage of ignorance on the Internet, and you’re a prime example. I’m glad someone with both products has decided to share their opinion. I also think it’s appalling that they can’t so without being shouted down by someone with the intelligence and matching vocabulary of a child

      • Sonny

        Ya read most forums and I have both iPhone 4 and evo 4G and as a iPhone user for awhile I was very surprised how the evo is so.smooth and how the battery last as long as ky iPhone 4 the iPhone 4 look like iPhone 3gs with better display not saying its a bad device I like it but phone calls drop all day and evo hasn’t drop once iPhone are good media devices but not phone so get over it

      • Ceger


    • Guest

      If you root your phone and put Froyo 2.2 on it, your phone will move quite fast and you will probably be much more pleased with your Hero! My Hero was very slow and laggy until I rooted it and changed to Froyo 2.2. XDA Developers online is a good place to start looking, look under XDA Hero CDMA Developers.