PS3 Trophies vs. Xbox 360 Achievements: Are Trophies Inferior?

By Peter Chubb - Jun 28, 2010

There are those who would argue that the PS3 Trophies reward system is not as competitive as Microsoft’s Xbox 360 achievements – we thought we would try to offer more insight into this so have found a great article from Lynda Mc Donald on Bright Hub. She explains in detail why the latter is more popular than the former.

Both systems rely on success and offering something for the player – they need to help promote a certain something to the player – it is this that keeps them interested. The sad fact is Mc Donald believes that PlayStation 3 Trophies does not offer this one key feature.

Being able to compare achievements is very important to the gamers – Xbox 360 allows this but the PS3 does not, as you need to exit the game to do so. Microsoft was very clever when developing achievements – allowing gamers to look at these in mid-game adds more competitiveness to those gamers.

Xbox 360 gamers have a much fairer system with achievements, as it is available for every game – the same cannot be said for the PlayStation 3 Trophies. Sony has to change it at some stage if they have any hope of competing with achievements – Sony came late to the party with this and they will now have to play catch-up.

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  • Mr. Fairopinion

    i have both systems and play both and the achievement system is way better than the trophies first of all you have to wait forever for the trophies list to load and they dont show your friends as soon as they get them it takes a few days to register so when i am playing a game the same time as a friend i cant compare and compete with them so we always buy our games on the 360 instead unless it is an exclusive or somthing like mortal kombat 3 where there will be an extra character to play as

  • Somebody

    This site must have drunk informants because their info is way off. on ps3: you can listen to music, you can video chat, all games have trophies now and this article was written after the change, but personally if you want a damn trophy so bad you should play a sport or win a competition because having a digital trophy isn't something to get hyped about

  • Xboxrules

    Oh and well written btw

  • Xboxrules

    I love how u are all winging about how the playstation is better, get over it and realize the truth, xbox is better

  • Danny

    Blu-ray is good but I still much prefer my Blu-ray player over my PS3, I can do heaps more with it and navigating is easier.

    Also I have everything through full HD, sound, visual, and the quality 360 games out-do the PS3 even with Blu-ray games. Probably due to 360 having seperate graphics card compared to built into the PS3 system.

    Final word: I play my 360 more often than my PS3 because frankly it is better and I've played every machine for the last 20 years.

  • Bert the Happy fish

    Amazing. This site started off as a PS3 fanboi fest. The instant anything slightly negative turned up, the site is shite and negative.

    Personally I think the site has always been a bit limited on its reviews (I thought originally it was a 13 year old doing the reviews).

    As to the trophy vs achievements. Personally I don't give a stuff. I wish the developers would stop adding pointless fluff and get on with decent gameplay.

  • Comedykev

    Quote “Being able to compare achievements is very important to the gamers – Xbox 360 allows this but the PS3 does not, as you need to exit the game to do so”

    What a load of crap, this site is really going downhill fast!!!

  • Mostyn

    Please people, this blog only give negative Sony PS3 news and articles. do not take the bate.

    • Darren

      No. it only gives negative info, news, and articles about xbox. they finaly say something negative about you ps3 fanboys and you start crying about!!!

      • Derek

        Darren should shut up and stop being a jealous idiot.

  • VinTheDean

    This article is really bad and misinformed.

    You can see your friends trophy's in game. And since January 2009 ALL and I do mean ALL PS3 games must have trophies. Which is the same policy that M$.

    I do agree with Paul. The XMB is slow. I wish it was faster.

    And by the way, the original article is being reviewed by the editor.

  • hey Peter Chubb, you should write another article, because what you say here is false. I can look at my trohpies AND my friends trophies while im in game.

  • Paul

    I’ve viewed my friends trophies in game. I also prefer trophies to achievements as I like trying to the platinums.

    The only problem for the ps3 is that in game xmb is far too slow at loading content whereas xbox is very fast. I’m sure at some point sony will address this & hopefully add a few shortcuts to access stuff like trophies etc. Also hope they add the leaderboards from their website to the friends list.

  • Tony

    Journalism at its finest. This article -> FAIL!


    360 can do a lot of things in mid game and ps3 cant. music, voice chat…

    • VinTheDean

      Wow. Two things.

      Music: This can be done. It's at the developers discretion. Which I prefer.

      Voice Chat: I really could care less about this feature. Why do I want to talk to someone who is not playing the same game I am. That would just distract. And if really want to talk to someone, I can just call them on their cell or something.

      • Carlkazuma

        You prefer the developers to tell you whether or not you can listen to music in game rather than having a choice?…i doubt that to be honest…

        And i have a lot of xbox friends on my list and in RL, who i enjoy talking to on a daily basis, i would prefer to invite them to a party chat across games, than call every single one of them if i just wanted a casual conversation.

    • Not You

      Music: It's called an iPod, if you'd rather not listen to the in-game music.

      Voice chat: It's called a phone.

      I understand if someone may not have those things, but the PS3 still offers a lot of other features, like BLU-RAY.

    • James

      you can play music, chat, and view trophies on ps3 so you got anything else?

  • spunwicked

    Another badly written article from the land of non-news, where the moderators don't allow free speech. Sigh.

  • spunwicked

    Another badly written article from the land of non-news. Sigh.

  • raggadoll

    prefer 360 rack them points up trophies are things that never interested me you never really take notice of the ps3 i got both 360 and pos3

  • Kristian

    Not true.

  • Jordandyckes

    what a load of B&S, I've looked trophies and my friends list in game; Do you need some extra strong glasses from SpecSavers?

    Get your fact's right and stop giving the PS3 a bad image, when your talking out of your ***.

  • ragglefraggle1

    umm you can look at you & ur frends trophies in game acually