New Xbox 360 (Slim): Will you sell your Xbox 360 to buy it?

In mid-July retailers will begin offering the new Xbox 360, this slimmer model is pretty desirable as it has a new and improved design, a smaller power brick and built-in WiFi, the question is, will you buy it?

I currently own a 120GB Xbox 360 Elite, I am considering selling this to buy the new model for one main reason, this is its built-in WiFi connectivity, without this addition I wouldn’t have brought it however I can get pretty good money for my Elite, and a new model with warranty is well-worth buying (in my opinion).

I have always thought that Microsoft’s WiFi adapters for Xbox 360 are too expensive, therefore I have instead opted to run an ugly grey cable across my living room, also its ‘whisper-quiet’ operation means that I can have the in-game volume quieter if my partner is asleep.

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