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iPhone iOS 4 Update: Download Time and Twitter

Since the iPhone 4 was released last Thursday no one seems to be talking about how great the new Apple device is, they have been more concerned with the signal problems. However, we recently reported that an iOS 4 update could solve the issue.

We assumed that this could take a couple of weeks for Apple to make ready, but we have since heard rumors that iOS 4.0.01 could be ready for download as soon as today. We are certain that iPhone 4 owners will now be searching the Internet looking for any information on this update, a great place to start has to be Google’s updates page, which pulls results direct from Twitter.

Hopefully one of the team will be awake if and when the update is made ready for download. If you would like more details on all the problems with the iPhone 4, then keep up-to-date with the latest cell phones news with our RSS Feed

There is no doubt that the time of the update will break on Twitter first, some of the tweets are not that kind to the latest OS for the iPhone. There are many users advising not to download the update yet, and if you have then restore back to the previous version.

The latest error I keep getting in No Sim Installed, does anyone else keep getting this?


  • Ed Pickles

    I had a no sim problem – Went to ATT and they swapped out the sim. 10 minutes later it did it again… then went to talk to a Genius and they replaced the phone immediately. Haven't had the problem since.

    -Ed Pickles

  • Matt Edwards


    I’m also getting the No Sim Installed Message. Have taken the Sim out and placed it (using the supplied Adaptor) in my Nokia N96 and it works fine. Doesn’t happen all the time, flicking Airplane Mode on and Off solves the problem, but it’s a real pain, I think it’s got something to do with the reception issue, and cuts out when low/no singal.

    The probelm with the No Sim seems to happen more so when i’s in my pocket, possibly as the signal is not passing? I don’t know, got a new Sim on it’s way, but don’t see that fixing it, reading posts on the net it’s a hardware issue, but I would like to think it’s a software bug that can be easily fixed.


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