iPhone 4 Problems: Owners vote in thousands

By Daniel Chubb - Jun 28, 2010

We heard a lot about the iPhone 4 problems since it’s release date, but while the news has been scattered, one article on Mobile Crunch has apparently managed to pull in over 40,000 votes from iPhone owners, which shows results on the issues they have.

The vote options included screen yellowing, WiFi connectivity issues, cameras not starting, proximity sensor problems, and the now famous left-hand antenna issues. PR writers have a few iPhone 4’s between them, and while we are aware of multiply issues, we all experience the left-handed antenna problem.

You can view Mobile Crunch’s article and poll results here, which shows over 10,000 voters having the antenna problems, and just under 10,000 say they have had screen yellowing issues, and just over 9,000 have had camera starting problems, which we have seen first hand. View all the results in the above link.

Apple is going to release an iOS4 update, which should fix some issues reported. The iPhone 4 is the best hardware we have seen, but it seems to be the most problematic as well.

What do you make of these votes? How should Apple respond to these problems?

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