iPhone 4 Antenna: How can iOS 4.1 fix?

By Peter Chubb - Jun 28, 2010

For those of you who own an iPhone 4 and do not use a case or one of Apple’s Bumpers, then you will be all too aware of the poor reception caused by the external antenna. We reported yesterday that iOS 4.0.1 firmware update would be able to fix the problem, but owners have been wondering how.

Chris Keall from NBR has a hard time wondering how a software update is able to fix a hardware issue? We know that it is to do with “baseband calibration” and how it gets a signal to a certain band.

Thankfully David Murphy from PC Mag has been explaining how an update to iOS 4 could solve the signal issue. When a hand is close or touching the black bands on the antenna on the outside, then the mobile OS is unable to identify any connection. The update would make it easier for the phone’s software to distinguish and adjust itself.

So that is how software can workaround a hardware fault, we just hope that that iOS 4.0.1 comes soon – it seems a shame to cover this new sexy handset with an ugly Bumper.

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