Internet Kill Switch: Bill would impose limits

We discussed a couple of weeks back that U.S. lawmakers were in talks to give president Barack Obama emergency powers for the United States Internet infrastructure, which many have called the ‘Internet Kill Switch’. They hope that this would be the perfect solution if the country came under a cyber-attack.

It was no secret that Internet users not only in the U.S. but the rest of the world were worried that this sort of power should not be given to one person and that their freedom has been taken away. However, Sam Gustin from DailyFiance explains that this bill would actually remove some limits on Obama’s power.

As the law currently stands, the U.S. president can shut down the entire telecommunications infrastructure for any amount of time that he desires. However, this new bill will only allow him to do so for 30 days – although he could apply for a 30-day extension.

American’s it seems are worrying about nothing, but it is hard not to do so with what the media – including us – have dubbed the bill (Internet Kill Switch). It is no secret that the Internet now plays an important part of our lives, and if something were to attack it – then things could become very bad for the U.S. and the rest of us. Being able to keep a track and stop such an attack has to be the only logical solution.

Let us remember, we only have ourselves to blame because we rely so much on the technology.


  • montanamiles

    From what I read it is four months not one month. Same time until the elections in November? Internet kill bill gives Obama cyberpolice ability to shut down cyber threats; does that include U.S. citizens that disagree with Obama policies? Obama gets to decide!

    The courts are the way to address this Internet kill bill. Let the courts kill the Internet kill bill on behalf of the people of the U.S.A. and thereby stand up for free speech and the U.S.

    Note the late President Kennedy stated not to allow the government abusive rights toward citizens even when threats exist. President Kennedy stated that many politicians would promote their own agenda against U.S. citizens and for themselves if this type of legislative action was allowed to take place in the United States.

    And here it is Internet kill bill!

  • I am not so much about what Obama Will do with a Internet kill switch as I would be if the REpublicans ever get back in the white house…. You saw how Bush and his boys allowed the rich to rob America during his 8 years. A;moust put US in a depression.and They took away regular airwave Tevelesion service so in critacall time who will control the Information you Get ????

  • Johb

    This Govermrent wants control of everthing. I hope the people kick them out in Nov


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