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How iPhone 4 Problems Can Be Fixed

Have you got iPhone 4 problems? When it comes to the signal, this surely affects every single iPhone 4 owner when they cover the thin black lines on either side of the device, but just how can this be fixed?

While we know that Apple is about to release an iOS4 update to fix the signal problems, what about in the meantime, the iPhone 4 we use is consistently losing signal if it does not have a case on, and this is also the same for thousands of iPhone owners.

According to PC World, and shown in the YouTube video below, one user fixed their reception problems with some Scotch Tape. How does that make Apple feel? Tape being needed on a brand new iPhone, crazy.

Would you use common household tape to fix your iPhone 4 signal problems? The Apple bumpers look better, but why should you buy that product to stop dropped calls when holding the device a certain way?

Apple sells their Bumpers for $29, and iPhone owners have been crying out for free bumpers rather than Apple making a profit on them. Watch the video below, and let us know your story in the comments.


  • Eugene Tour

    I think this is such an important point about just why iphone4 has had issues with the antenna signals, because even if there was a new operating system update it will still have the same problem, because either the apple manufacturer had a slight mistake or it may have been the signal strength in certain areas around the country. So this is quite useful to scotch tape to cover the two antenna bandwidth to keep the signals steady.

  • Cool

    Hlo dude. I have iphone 4 i have problems with time and date could you plz tell me

  • iphone4

    I so agree with you

  • iphone4

    it is ridiculous how iphones cost so much … and to get good reception with your cell phone (which should be a given) you have to not hold it a certain way or cover it with tape or a case??? this shouldn't even be an issue for how much people pay to buy an iphone.


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