Gordon Murray T.25 City Car: Like McLaren F1

Gordon Murray has been hinting for a few years now that he would like to build his small T.25 city car, so we were not surprised when he unveiled the vehicle at the Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment. But would you be me if I said that it is like the McLaren F1 in a way.

So how can the T.25 be like the most iconic supercar ever? Well we know that it was also a Murray design and this new car will have the same passenger layout, the driver sits in the middle with the two passengers sitting either side to the rear.

The small car weighs just 1,212-pounds, is under 8-feet long and four feet wide – making it the ideal city car. The T.25 has taken a design feature from the 1950s BMW Isetta microcar, where you enter the vehicle from the front thanks to its hinged front.

Do not expect this car to break any speed records –It’s not all about that. The Gordon Murray T.25 city car with its 51 horsepower engine can go from standstill to 62mph in a shocking 16.2 seconds. However, the fuel economy more than makes up for it – 61.9 miles per gallon. For more details visit Autoblog



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