Google Street View: Unpopular with Brighton’s Seagulls

A few days ago we revealed ‘horse-boy‘ who was found wandering the streets of Scotland whilst Google Street View’s cameras were in the area, now we have come across some pretty humorous photos taken by the Street View cameras in Brighton, England.

The photos shows what appears to be a camera shy seagull who was unhappy about having his/her photo taken, this caused the seagull to dive at the Google Street View car, which resulted in a pretty cool photo (scroll down to see it).

Now that Google Street View is becoming more widely used people are spotting all sorts of strange things, such as horse-boy and even some pitchfork wielding scuba divers, don’t worry though they are both pranks…. or are they?

Have you spotted something funnier on Google Street View?

Source: HuffingtonPost



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