2011 Ford Fiesta’s Social media customer delivery experience

By Peter Chubb - Jun 28, 2010

The whole world has gone social media made, so was no surprise that it has been used for marketing strategies and the 2011 Ford Fiesta did just that. The Blue Oval has now gone one-step further and incorporated social media into the customer delivery experience as well.

When you go to visit a Ford showroom there will be kiosks there playing Fiesta Movement videos. Before you take possession of your new 2011 Fiesta – which will compete with the Mazda2 – you will receive a USB flash drive with information on how to use the features in the new vehicle.

You will then be able place it in your Ford Sync system when you receive your new Fiesta. You will also be able to use these booths to access your delivery photos and change them if necessary.

The USB key will also provide Wiki tips along with podcasts and other useful information. Autoblog writer Sam Abuelsamid wonders if the same will done for the upcoming Ford Focus?

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  • That’s good move by Ford, USB flash drive is really a nice idea. It will be so helpful for the new user. Thanks a lot for the information. Ford Fiesta in India

  • i really like this concept from ford. there are a lot of companies, not just motor manufacturers, who are launching head first into social media and getting it oh so wrong. but this is customer focused and something i'd actually want to use, which in itself is a major achievement. it would be great if they extended something similar throughout their range including their <a rel="follow" href="http://www.gates.co.uk">ford direct cars. now that would be great.