iPhone Death Grip: iOS 4.0.1 firmware to fix problems

By Peter Chubb - Jun 27, 2010

Much has been said about the reception problems – Death Grip – that has been affecting the iPhone 4, and there are now rumors that an iOS 4.0.1 firmware update could be released as soon as next week to solve the issue. If this were in fact true, then this would certainly save Apple a huge chunk of money – as they may have had to issue all iPhone 4 owners a free Bumper.

Electronista has learned that the iOS 4 update would work as a solution as it will be able to switch more rapidly to the cleanest cellular signal that is available in the area. However, all proof of discussions of this cannot be found as they have since been deleted from Apple Discussions forum that’s according to AppleInsider readers.

The so-called Death Grip can make an iPhone 4 user lose their entire signal if they hold the black strips on the antenna band on the outside, which we showed you in detail on a hands-on review. This happens because your hand acts as a bridge and is not able to lock onto the strongest signal available to Apple’s Fourth-generation smartphone.

Electronista believes that there could be some truth in this and that a firmware update would solve this problem – let us hope that it does, as I do not want to spend $29 on a Bumper and destroy the handsets good looks.

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