Viewfinder Cine: Wide Angle Capability for iPhone

By Gary Johnson - Jun 26, 2010

Owners of the iPhone can now get wide angle capability for their device with launch of a new version of an application. Viewfinder Cine 1.0.3 is the only app of its kind that integrates auto-exposure, and auto-focus with the wide angle capability.

Released by DIRE Studio the app has all the features of the director’s viewfinder, but with the simplicity of a cardboard cutout. People have long relied on a viewfinder to visualize their subject, but lacking a professional viewfinder they have had to resort to using their fingers or cardboard cutouts to frame a shot.

But now with this app iPhone users can easily scout a new location, chose the right focal length for each shot, and compose their shots in advance. This latest update brings wide angle adapters support for the iPhone, which is the only app to have this facility.

Viewfinder Cine 1.0.3 is on the App Store for only $21.99. Requires iPhone 3G and later with OS 3.1.

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  • shakti


    is it for video or for Photo?

    I want it for some vodeorecordings for my webbsite.