More iPhone 4 Problems: Volume buttons on some units reversed

By Gary Johnson - Jun 26, 2010

Since the launch of the Apple iPhone 4 two days ago we have been seeing reports of various problems with the device. First we had the reported problems of the screen discoloration, and then the much publicized reception problems.

Now Seth Weintraub of is reporting that some customers are having problems with the devices volume control buttons. The problem is that the buttons are reversed, so if you press the “+” button the volume decreases, and when the “-“is pressed the volume increases.

It is unclear so far how many units are affected by the fault, but it seems quality control at the factory leaves a lot to be desired. Admittedly Apple has sold a vast number of iPhone 4’s so far, but these problems that are surfacing could cause some embarrassment. Use the link here for a video of the problem.

Have you had any problems with your iPhone 4? Or will this put you off from getting one?

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