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Kinect for Xbox 360: New Price from Microsoft

We learned earlier this week that Microsoft had announced a price for its new Kinect device for the Xbox 360; we then learned that this was not the final price and could come down. We now have it on good authority that there is a new price for the motion-sensing device.

Xbox Evolved has learned from someone in the know at Texas Gamestop that this new price will be $119, which is $31 cheaper than the recently mentioned price. If this is true then we can be certain of the fact that Microsoft is still undecided as to the price of the Kinect.

We cannot know for sure that this representative is fully in the know or has just grabbed the price from the air – all we now is the current $150 price tag is on the wrong side of the one hundred dollar mark.

We recently wrote that analyst, retailers and gamers think that the price should be below $100 if it has any chance of success. We also noted that getting the right price that appeals to these gamers will help sell more units of the new Xbox 360.


  • Mike

    Kinect is no different from any other piece of hardware, how well it sells will rely on both price and software.

    I would think that a price of no more than $125 + some must have games titles would see it selling relatively well, if it's launched at $150 and has poor launch games I would expect sales to start off slow until these criteria are met.

    I stopped being an early adopter some years ago so I probably wont think about purchasing it until it nears the UK equivalent of somewhere around the $100+ mark and has a strong software line up but providing the software makes good use of the tech, it should sell fairly well at $120-130.

  • Klatu

    The only way this would work is if it were cheap, and appealed to a larger demographic. The people they are targeting, the "casual" gaming crowd, probrably already own a Wii. Meaning roughly a $300-$400 investment for a console and motion control device. Quite the investment. Obviously, the "hardcore" gamers will sit this one out, as there are absolutely NO GAMES WHATSOEVER that appeal to xbox's core audience, the 20's to 30's gamers whom demand better graphics, action and generally "racy" content. Lets be blunt, this thing is for kids and women. And while that's fine, just fine for those still "undecided" folks who don't yet own a Wii, I doubt there's enough of them left for MS to create a market with. In the end, I predict lackluster, if not entirely impotent sales until either some franchise, "hardcore" games are available, or compete and utter failure. Whichever comes first.


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