June 2010: Crib recall and other product recalls

We are almost at the end of June 2010 and we have seen a number of product recalls that could affect children. The most recent was the crib recall that affected seven different companies, and the other was the McDonalds Shrek glasses that contained dangerous metals.

We recently reported that there were to be two million baby cribs recalled, the seven companies are as follows: Child Craft, Delta Enterprise Corp., Evenflo ‘Jenny Lind Cribs’, Jardine Enterprises, LaJobi, Million Dollar Baby and finally Simmons Juvenile Products Inc.

These side-opening cribs pose a serious risk to babies as they could slide out of the gap when the side opener fails – this could led to the baby falling out or become trapped and suffocate. More details on these recalls can be found on CBS News

The other most recent product recall for children was those McDonald’s Shrek-themed drinking glasses. We reported that there were 12 million being recalled because of a possible cadmium poisoning risk to children. The fast-food change has since allowed customers to take these drinking glasses back for a $3 refund.



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