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iPhone 5G: Where should the antenna be?

The iPhone 4 has only been available for three days and there is already chatter on the Internet about the iPhone 5G – although we have to assume that the fifth-generation model will just be called the iPhone 5. We thought that we would stay topical with this and ask where should the antenna be?

It is no secret that there have been a few problems with the new iPhone 4 – none more so than the signal issues. It seems that when you place your hand on the black parts of the antenna strip, the phone loses its reception. This only happens when it comes into contact with your hand, which you can see here.

However, Apple’s Steve Jobs said that should hold it in a certain way or purchase a Bumper – their new case for the iPhone 4. There have been calls for Apple to offer the Bumper for free; as it is needed to make certain that you can keep a good signal.

Because of this we have to wonder if Apple is already looking into the design of the iPhone 5? Should they stick with the current design with the antenna on the outside, or should they go back to basics and attach it back inside the phone?

One thing is certain, something needs to be done now, but surly Apple cannot issue a recall and totally redesign the iPhone 4 now?

Where should the antenna be in the next iPhone? What can Apple do now for the iPhone 4?



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