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iPhone 4 Signal Problems: Should Apple bumpers be free?

The iPhone 4 was released to the public on Thursday, June 24, 2010 and since then has been marred with a number of problems. These include yellowish stains on the display – which has now gone away – and losing signal. However, in a strange twist Steve Jobs said that we were holding our phone wrong and that a Bumper case would solve the issue. (Our hands-on of this problem)

This has led a number of us iPhone 4 owners to say that Apple should now offer us one of these cases for nothing – why should we have to spend another $20 $29 just for the phone to perform this basic function? And it seems that discussions on the Apple Forum agrees.

We did a simple search on Google “ Apple bumpers be free”. As you can see there are a number of results – this certainly shows that people want a Bumper for free. However, it looks as though the iPhone maker does not agree with you as all the discussions have been deleted.

I remember reading somewhere – forgive me as I cannot remember where – that the FCC should now get involved. The reason is because you should not have to rely on another product to make certain that the original product – the iPhone 4 – can work in the manner that it was intended too.

Some people believe that Apple knew about this issue, which is why they have decided to sell a Bumper for the very first time. Surly this cannot be true, what do you think?



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