Chevrolet badging back in Europe

If you were to go and buy yourself a Corvette anywhere in Europe, up until now there would have been something different about it. The car would look the same and drive the same as any other Vette sold outside of Europe.

However when you look at the badging you would have noticed that although the traditional bow tie design with twin flags still adorns the boot lid there is a lack of Chevrolet insignia. This was down to the fact that the Chevrolet was a budget brand selling low cost re-badged Daewoo’s.

This has now all changed due to the fact that the Cruze is sold as a more upmarket version of its predecessor. To add to this General Motors will be selling the Camaro overseas in the not to distant future. So with these changes the Corvette that has been sold throughout Europe from Cadillac outlets, will once again be branded as a Chevrolet no matter whether it wears the name badge or not. Check out Autoblog for more on this story.

Source: Motobullet



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