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Verizon iPhone hype and signal problem / flaw

Since the announcement of the new iPhone 4 all we have heard is when will there be a Verizon version? There were a number of consumers who said that they would rather wait until they were able to purchase the fourth-generation iPhone on Verizon, but this has not stopped its hype and has been selling out at a fast rate.

There strange thing is, customers know about the reception problem – flaw in its design describes it better – but this has still not stopped them ordering them in their hundreds of thousands. Apple has sold 600,000 iPhone 4 units in its first day that number would soon reach 1 million.

That’s a huge number for two reasons, one that they were only made available for pre-order on June 21, 2010 and the other that it did this without a Verizon offering. This certainly shows that there is life in AT&T yet, and for once they were not to blame for the dropped calls.

In keeping up with the hype, Beatweek Magazine reports that some Verizon customers have been unsubscribing and defecting over to AT&T just to get their hands on the fourth-generation iPhone.

As for this reception issue, we did a hands-on review of this problem, but we wonder if Verizon would fix the issue before they were to offer the handset to their customers. We know that Apple use Foxconn to made the GSM version for AT&T, maybe they would make a change, ready for when the CDMA version would be built by another manufacturer?



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