Sprint HTC EVO 4G: Firmware Update Coming Next Week?

By Jamie Pert - Jun 25, 2010

Earlier this month the impressive HTC EVO 4G arrived on Sprint, this smartphone saw pretty decent sales thanks to it’s Android OS, impressive hardware specification and 4G WiMAX connectivity, now three weeks since its release we are hearing that a firmware update is on the way.

This is currently unconfirmed, however if it turns out to be true we can expect the update to launch over-the-air from Sprint early next week, perhaps Monday (28th June).

BGR are the source who started this rumor, they suggest that the firmware update will bring better WiFi performance, there will also be vast improvements made to Exchange Active Sync and new Facebook sync functionality, which will apparently bring better battery life.

As we hear more details regarding this firmware update we will keep you posted, for more information check out the source link below.

Is there any HTC EVO 4G problems you would like this firmware update to fix?

Source: Electronsita

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  • gary

    update makes u lose features like my android wallpaper and they to put a toggle on the phone for caller id block like my g1 had this is really inconvenient to block numbers on a phone thats supposed to be advanced please fix

  • Robert Moore

    After updating my wallpaper now has text over part of it as follows:





  • Josh

    I just got the firmware update, can't confirm what it has actually done though…

  • Brian

    The SMS scrolling function is a HUGH annoying problem scrolling up to be sentright back down very frustrating. A fix to that and some sort of fix to help extend batt life a little bit more would be great, the phone would then be perfect.

  • Nate

    hope it fixes the messaging deletion problem.

  • Randy

    I have the same "snapping" issue, except that, when I'm editing or looking at a contact, it snaps back up to the TOP. Same thing – too fast for me to even hit the Edit button sometimes.

  • Leonardo

    The 30 FPS cap on the graphics

  • Trin

    I'm having issues with my internet, clocking in at 97 kbps. I'm running PRL 60667. Sprint and Best Buy have no idea whats going on.

  • The scrolling smoothness, AND PARTICULARLY the scrolling issues in the SMS app, where the screen keeps bouncing to the bottom (and last text), not allowing you time or ability to review older texts in a conversation thread. Biggest annoyance I’ve had so far.

  • Justin

    Would love if this would fix the time stamping issue with the text messaging. This is the biggest problem that i have had with the phone. Other than that i love it.

  • seth

    yeah my phones screen will "snap" to the bottom of the page while searching the web or message inbox sometimes