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Skype SDK: SkypeKit in 100 million PCs

Love it or hate it Skype is used by millions of us and with plans to introduce an SDK into PCs, then you will want to add at least another 100 million to that figure. The idea of embedding this VOIP technology into these desktop and mobile devices will certainly help Skype in its cause to winning back users from Google Voice.

John P. Mello Jr. from TechNewsWorld has been taking a closer look at this and the plan to have the SDK in 100 million devices by 2011. He notes that Skype has been at the top of this market for the past seven years, but knows that they need to do things different with the constant threat from other alternatives.

Phil Wolff, Skype Journal’s managing editor of has said that having this SDK installed in these devices has been on top of Skype’s to-do list for some time now. It is no secret that is makes perfect business sense, but will take time to implement.

The idea of making calls from a PC will appeal to businesses, as they could save hundreds of thousands of dollars each year on call costs. We have to wonder if this could affect sales of office phones, which we know can often be complicated to use.



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