Problems with iPhone 4 Reception: Our Hands-on

By Peter Chubb - Jun 25, 2010

We have mentioned in a number of posts about the problems with the iPhone 4 reception, so we thought we would do our own hands-on test to see if we have the same issue. But before we do let us go over what we know so far about this and other problems since the new Apple smartphone was launched yesterday.

In an interesting twist, it seems that the 3GS has a better signal than the new iPhone 4 – that’s according to what users are saying on Twitter. This is a kick in the teeth for Apple as Steve Jobs said that this new design would offer a much better signal than previous models.

We was then told that an iOS 4 patch would be able to fix the signal issue – unsure how that will work if it is a problem with the antenna itself.

Apple has offered a guide on how to fix this issue, they tell us that we are holding it wrong, but we have also seen Steve Jobs holding the iPhone 4 wrong as well

Some owners were even complaining about how to use FaceTime, with many seeing the message “Waiting for activation”. So let us see what we found out with our hands-on test.

The first two images that you see below shows you these black strips in the metal band, there is one on each side at the bottom and one at the top. As you can see they are nicely placed just waiting for your hands to cover them.

In this next image we show you the signal strength that we receive when we do not cover those strips – which Apple say is the correct way to hold it.

When we placed our hands over the black strips – within 20 seconds our signal dropped to nothing.

Here you can see below the wrong way to hold your new iPhone – as we know this is the most common way to hold a cell phone, but it is not the right way anymore.

Here we have a picture showing you how Apple wants us to hold the phone, and yes you can clearly see that we have a full signal once again.

I must apologise to our readers – one of our colleagues’ helped us with these images by holding the iPhone 4 for us, he had just helped himself to some BBQ chicken. Just look at those nails, now every time we make a call we will feel hungry and want to go to the nearest KFC.

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  • Simply amazing. You know I think that Apple is facing all of these issues because they rushed to make the iPhone 4. Android more than likely caused this. However, Steve needs to give an official statement and soon. Until then we can only speculate.

    Any how theres this article at called “iPhone 4 Is In But The Problems Are Out: Complete Overview”

    Check it out for the complete listing of iPhone 4 issues and one that you may yet have heard of but still might be experiencing.  

  • Johnny Seed

    Ever heard of cutting your nails? Disgusting.

  • Yeh this si amajor problem, by the way it was teh wifi at WWDC no the recepetion, so much for less AT&T dropped calls. When we tested it at we found this problem too. Sadly we had no BBQ chicken like you. Anyway apple really needs to put ehre act together, yelow spots on teh IPS now this. It shocking from apple. A phone which has a huge developing team like the iphone shouldn't have tehse design flaws

  • Kris H

    Do you think this was the issue Jobs had at the Worldwide Developers Conference?

    • Louise

      Yes I think that this was one of these problems.

      • Bruno

        Same, i'm just gonna get the iPhone 3Gs 32GB now, it will defs be cheaper!