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PlayStation Plus. Vs Xbox Live: Sony offers more

With not long to go until Sony launch PlayStation Plus on its PSN, we thought that this was the perfect opportunity to see how it compares against its main rival – things certainly look promising, as there has been suggestions that the new Sony premium service has more to offer.

It was no secret that PS3 owners signed up to PSN were not happy about this charge – but let us not forget what you will be getting for $50 per year, which we recently mentioned. If you were to become a member, you get so much for the small amount of money that you will have to pay every three months or once a year.

It is no secret that Playstationlifestyle will be biased, so it comes as no shock that they believe that PlayStation Plus is better than Xbox Live, and looking and what you get for you money it is not hard to see why. Both offer a free service, with PSN offering more services.

This is also the case with the paid service, yes Microsoft has been doing this for longer, but you have to admire that Sony is not afraid to take them on. Read Jonathan Leack’s article on Playstationlifestyle via the link above, and see why he thinks PlayStation Plus is far better than Xbox Live.



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