PlayStation Plus. Vs Xbox Live: Sony offers more

By Peter Chubb - Jun 25, 2010

With not long to go until Sony launch PlayStation Plus on its PSN, we thought that this was the perfect opportunity to see how it compares against its main rival – things certainly look promising, as there has been suggestions that the new Sony premium service has more to offer.

It was no secret that PS3 owners signed up to PSN were not happy about this charge – but let us not forget what you will be getting for $50 per year, which we recently mentioned. If you were to become a member, you get so much for the small amount of money that you will have to pay every three months or once a year.

It is no secret that Playstationlifestyle will be biased, so it comes as no shock that they believe that PlayStation Plus is better than Xbox Live, and looking and what you get for you money it is not hard to see why. Both offer a free service, with PSN offering more services.

This is also the case with the paid service, yes Microsoft has been doing this for longer, but you have to admire that Sony is not afraid to take them on. Read Jonathan Leack’s article on Playstationlifestyle via the link above, and see why he thinks PlayStation Plus is far better than Xbox Live.

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  • RoadShow

    PS+ is better than Xbox live in my opinion but I dont' really care. I'm not down for either one, I'm a free online kind of guy which PSN gives me. Xbox live has the silver but you can't really do anything with that.

  • Grater18

    I have both the xbox360 and the PS3. The game content on both systems are nearly identical, but the online experience is where the 360 shines. Try them both, and if you still think Playstation plus is better then its time to put down your controller for good!

  • The Fair Rater

    Sony Has Allways Gived Us What We WAnt Better Products Better Online Exp And Well Being Better Then A Software Company Like Microsoft In The Gaming Arena I Think Sony Is The Leader And Microsoft Is Taging Along

    • Your comment has so many examples to back up your rediculous claims, I don't even know where to start reading. On top of that, it is so well written and composed, it certainly doesn't read like a 4th grader's analytical essay in his "English as a Third Language" class.

      Xbox Live has set a standard in online console gaming. If Sony is smart, they better have taken notes and expanded on Microsoft's successes. When Playstation Plus releases, it may very well exceed Xbox Live in terms of interactivity and content, but I don't expect Microsoft to sit by and let that stand for very long.
      Competition in a free market is usually a good thing, and I expect that the consumers on both sides of this war will come out as the winners in the long run.

  • mike

    xbox users quit cryin…wah wahhh…i understand its hard to admit when your beaten but come on…micro$oft will never give you anything for free just face xbox silver what a joke pay for gold or your sol!

  • GK15

    This is the biggest one-sided/Sony fanboy/crap article I’ve seen in a while.

    • Darren

      this whole site is a sony fan boy site bro. everyday i regret even checking the new news for xbox. everything xbox on this site is negative.

  • Kev

    ____Discounted Games: ____If you discount the shit I already own, there is no point. What are you going to discount, MINIs, PSP games…thats a joke! I don't even want to risk any money on those. If you can't even make a demo of a mini, why should I risk my money for an unknown product? ____Early Beta/Demo Access: ____This was attempted as part of the Qore membership. Exclusive beta access = Demo 1-2 weeks before it is released to the general public on PSN OR pre-alpha build of a crappy game. I remember that Qore members got Home so late in the game, everyone else remember that too? ____Full Game Trials: ____Xbox 360 already does this and you don't have to pay a single cent. __

  • marhorn

    Yeah without a doubt Xbox Live is better! product reviews just love everything sony!

    • low

      This is a sony fanboy site enter at your own risk.

    • RoadShow

      BS, I see lots of product reviews here that seem biased towards 360. I think it depends on the writter.

      Besides, PS is better than Xbox, always has been, always will be.

      PC, Wii & PS3 – Free Online Gaming

      PC, Wii & PS3 – Internet Browser

      PC, Wii & PS3 – Netflix no additional charge

      PC, Wii & PS3 – Hardware reliability

      360 – Online $60/year, which is $300 for 5 years!

      360 – No Browser, Even Wii has a browser

      360 – Netflix must have $60/year subscription

      360 – RROD, now RDOD, no need to own, all best exclusives are on PC, free online play for PC. new slims still scratch disks and xbox live is now $60/year.

      On top of all that PS3 got blu ray, 3D blu ray, and Move (IMO the most accurate and best motion controller out there, to go along with shooters capable).

  • UNKL

    Most players prefer a good and solid online play —-> so Xbox Live is better