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New Xbox 360 Console: $100 off with trade-in

Microsoft announced to the world that they were to offer a new Xbox Box 360, many of us have been calling it a Slim model – but it anything but slim. It is all well and good offering a newly designed model, but the main issue is with its price – will people be able to spare the extra cash?

Thankfully Gamestop is doing a little promotion that will give you $100 if you trade-in your old Xbox 360, which has to be used towards the new model. But the store does not stop there; they have a number of other deals to help save you money.

According to Ripten, you can get $50 when you trade in a 250GB hard drive, or $25 for a wireless controller and another $18 for your 512MB memory card. If you do decide to trade in all of the above and your old Xbox 360, then this will add up to $193 that’s a huge sum off the cost of the new Xbox 360.

You will have to be quick as this deal only runs until July 18. We would presume that other retailers will also offer some sort of deal like this.



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